Left-leaning LinkedIn is censoring anti-woke crusader Vivek Ramaswamy’s account, the GOP presidential candidate says.

The Ohio entrepreneur and political outsider fired off a tweet Thursday morning declaring, “Big Tech election interference has begun.”

@LinkedIn locked my account & censored me this week for posting videos where I expressed fact-based views as a presidential candidate about climate policy and Biden’s relationships with China,” Ramaswamy wrote. “They said it violated their policies relating to ‘misinformation, hate speech, and violence.’ Sad but not surprising.”

The business social networking site silenced Ramaswamy over a video he shared in early February with the comment, “The CCP is playing the Biden administration like a Chinese mandolin. China has weaponized the ‘woke pandemic’ to stay one step ahead of us. And it’s working.”

LinkedIn also took exception to a video Ramaswamy shared on Feb. 16 with the comment, “If the climate change religion was really about climate change, then they’d be worried about, say, shifting oil production from the U.S. to places like Russia and China. Yet, the climate religion and its apostles in the ESG movement have a different objective.”

These are common campaign themes for Ramaswamy, who has been steadily rising in the Republican presidential primary polls. The 37-year-old Ramaswamy has for years preached against the power-grabbing woke corporate establishment, punctuated by his best-selling book Woke, Inc.: Inside Corporate America’s Social Justice Scam.

LinkedIn was founded by Reid Hoffman, a left-of-center political activist. According to InfluenceWatch, Hoffman was relatively apolitical prior to 2016, when he became an outspoken critic of then-Republican candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Following the election, Hoffman called President Trump “worse than useless as a president.”

“In 2017, Hoffman launched a number of left-of-center organizations, investments, and fundraising efforts to oppose President Trump and the Republican Party,” InfluenceWatch reports. Hoffman emerged as “one of the most influential Democratic donors of the Trump era.”

Ramaswamy has campaigned on a pledge to take America First policies to the next level, beyond Trump’s Make America Great Again movement.

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M.D. Kittle is the National Political Editor for The Star News Network.
Image”Vivek Ramaswamy” and “LinkedIn Message” by Vivek Ramaswamy.