Former Chief Strategist for President TrumpĀ Steve Bannon spoke with National Political Editor, Matt Kittle of The Star News Network on his show WarRoom: Battlefield Friday to discuss the anonymous donations received by the Penn Biden Center and other higher learning institutions linked to the Chinese Communist Party.

Bannon: I want to go to Matt Kittle now. Matt, you’ve got an amazing piece. I told Leahy as soon as I saw it I had to have you on. Walk me through.

You’re the new national political editor, I think, over at The Star News Network, which is Leahy’s. You guys do an insane job in all the great battleground states. Walk me through the Penn Biden Center, sir, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Kittle: Thank you so much for having me here and I appreciate it because this, as you know, you’ve been reporting on it for several days now, is just an absolute mess. And it’s a story of ballsy people. We have the people around Biden, we have the University of Pennsylvania, and we have this think tank.

Thinking about Joe Biden and a think tank is sometimes a stretch and that’s really what it is. Their main mission, they say, is they were founded on the principle that a democratic, open, secure, tolerant, and interconnected world benefits all of America.

But we found in our investigation that the benefits have really gone to Joe Biden and his family and his friends and his allies and Pennsylvania University to the tune of some $60 million plus. And we don’t have a full accounting of that yet.

But what we can tell you, Steve is that the National Legal and Policy Center has been trying to get not only information but the swamp to do something about this for a long time. This goes back to the Department of Education Secretary at the time in 2020, Betsy DeVos, where the NLPC filed a complaint basically, which is under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act.

Basically, the act says all gifts and contracts exceeding $250,000 must disclose foreign ownership and control. They simply were not doing that and we still don’t have an investigation. Nothing happened and nothing has happened nearly three years later.

Bannon: Well, it’s going to happen because the day the House announced, I think it’s maybe Comer and the weaponization or maybe oversight intel, they’re going to get into these classified documents and this is going to be a key part of it. This seems extraordinary.

How could they have stonewalled for so long the amount of money they took? And they clearly don’t want to disclose it because now they’ve been under pressure for a couple of years and also the media has raised questions.

I know Natalie Winners at War Room and when she was a National Pulse was all over this. Why did they seem to be hesitant to basically conform with the law and actually disclose these donors? Do you think they got FARA violations here?

I mean are there going to be deeper issues? Let me just say something about the hunted becoming the hunters. All of this cash, I’m the guy that did with Matthew Tyrmand and Peter Schweizer, Clinton Cash. The reason I came in, they called me in to be the CEO of the campaign with 100 days ago was quite simple. It wasn’t my strategic brilliance.

It was a simple fact that I had very much focused at Breitbart on taking down the corrupt Clinton machine, the Global Initiative, all of it, right? And we could tell how corrupt it was and the interconnectivity with the World Economic Forum? Everything.

The Clintons were the worst. Hillary was the brains of the operation. Bill was just the doofus out front. It’s kind of like Joe Biden. Joe Biden is the doofus, right? And Hunter is drinking or snorting with the client’s drinking. But they got seriously heavy bad people around them. Why have they tried to stonewall?

This is not going to be stonewalled, folks. This is why taking the House was so important. And today they announced an independent investigation coming out of the House on these entire classified documents which the beating heart of it is going to get to be, hey, why were the Chinese Communist Party money all over the University of Pennsylvania? Why have they stonewalled this?

Kittle: It’s interesting you say that, too, because we talk about the University of Pennsylvania. But the folks I talk to who have been looking at this for a long time in higher education will tell you this is all over the country in higher education.

What’s interesting to me is that there was under the Biden administration and under Merrick Garland, there was a kind of task force that was set up to look at how China and the Chinese government and Chinese officials were infiltrating U.S. institutions of higher education.

160 professors from Penn wrote a letter to the DOJ saying you can’t do this because this is racist. You can’t possibly do this. This is just a matter of bigotry instead of what it really is, taking a look at national security, and national security interests. It’s why we have this battle over TikTok.

Bannon: Hang on. I’m the co-founder of The New Federal State of China. The number one people that would tell you you have to do this are the Chinese people on the mainland. The ones that come here. They’re the ones that are slaves to this. This is a transnational criminal organization.

What they put up on racism is a lie. It’s the Chinese people. It’s Lao Bai Jing whose back we have. They’re the ones that want that disclosed. They’re the ones whose kids can’t come over here, right? What you’re doing on these professors and all this, it’s not racist. And here’s the bottom line.

We’re going to get to the bottom of every penny that’s coming from the Chinese Commerce Party. And who’s on the payroll? The University of Pennsylvania, not only should be ashamed, it’s time now to start bringing criminal charges against these people that have stonewalled this forever.

Matt, how did they get to you over at The Star News Network? I understand you’re bringing over the Wisconsin operation. I told Leahy it’s a fantastic addition to the great news network he has right now. How do people get to you on social media? And how do they get to you over at The Star News Network?

Kittle: Well, thank you so much. Of course, you can always go to Good reporters doing great work there every day. We’ll have more on this particular story. You can find us too in Wisconsin at

Bannon: Kittle, great to have you on board. I told Leahy it was a fantastic acquisition.

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Photo “Matt Kittle” by Bannons War Room.