Two prominent Republican political figures were engaged in a war of words over the weekend, after one of them, an outgoing U.S. congresswoman, said she would campaign against a Republican gubernatorial candidate.

At the Texas Tribune Festival Friday, U.S. Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY-01) said she would not vote for her Republican primary opponent, by whom she was beaten in a landslide earlier this year, and said she will “do whatever it takes to make sure [Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee] Kari Lake never takes office.”

Cheney even vowed to campaign for Democrats in order to keep Lake, and those like Lake – whom Cheney views as too pro-Trump – out of office.

Cheney did not make it clear exactly what she would do to inhibit Lake’s campaign.

Lake’s campaign further mocked Cheney.

“Liz doesn’t like us? We don’t know how we’re going to get to sleep tonight,” Lake’s campaign said sarcastically on Twitter following the remarks, posting a screenshot of Cheney’s primary walloping.

Lake’s campaign continued to beat the drum against Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney and political enemy of former President Donald Trump. The campaign even fundraised off Cheney’s remarks.

[Kari Lake] will continue to put America First and that will continue to make [Rep. Liz Cheney] mad. Do you like what Kari has to say? You can donate here. Don’t like what she has to say (Liz)? You can donate here too,” the campaign said.

Lake herself responded to the attack on Fox News.

“The New Republican Party is the Party of ‘We The People,’ it is no longer the Party of Warmongers,” she said.

The Cheney family has earned a reputation for “warmongering” after then-Vice President Dick Cheney notoriously advocated for the war in Iraq.

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward chimed in, too.

“Why are the pretend Republicans so threatened by [Kari Lake]? This is a sure sign to vote for her!” Ward said.

Meanwhile, Lake leads significantly in the polls.

According to Trafalgar polling from mid-September, Lake has a 4.4 percent lead over her opponent, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs.

That 4.4 percent figure is outside the poll’s margin of error.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a reporter at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Liz Cheney” by Kari Lake War Room.