U.S. Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) highlighted the crisis at the U.S. southern border when he shared a video of a conversation he had with Gabriel Class, the 3rd vice president of the National Border Patrol Council near the border.

“I’m here with Gabriel, he’s one of our agents down at the the Border Patrol and also one of the leaders in the union for the Border Patrol,” Green said.

Turning to Class, he asked: “Gabriel, you were telling us in our meeting that there are stations that used to have two hundred people covering tens of miles – 30, 40 miles of the border – that are now down to seven covering three shifts. Seven people covering three shifts, where are those other 193 people?”

“So, those agents have been assigned to processing or detailed out of the state to go help with Texas. Some agents are going to [unintelligible]. Some agents are going to Yuma, but most of them are here in one of our facilities just processing,” explained Class.

“They’re just processing asylum,” said Green.

“Correct,” added the Border Patrol agent.

Green then asked about whether or not the drug cartels are aware of the lack of personnel engaged in border enforcement.

“So let me get this straight, then. The border, the drug cartels know this. They’re pushing these people into these crossing sites, which is forcing your Border Patrol agents to leave the border basically wide open and go process asylum claims. Do you think the cartels are doing that on purpose?” he asked.

“Absolutely, absolutely. They not only left the border open, but there’s also three checkpoints on main highways that are completely open,” said Class.

“Not even manned,” Green interjected.

“Not even manned,” Gabriel confirmed.

“Wide open?” Green asked.

“Wide open, because they don’t have any personnel. These agents are now processing asylums instead of enforcing the law,” emphasized the agent.

“So our president’s border policies of allowing these people to come in basically gives control of the border to the drug cartels,” emphasized the U.S. representative.

Green announced on social media on Tuesday that he, along with several other members of the U.S. House of Representatives, met with members of the National Border Patrol Council and visited the U.S. southern border on Monday.

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Photo “Mark Green speaks to Gabriel Class” by Rep. Mark Green.