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More than one million illegal aliens crossing the border have been caught and released into the United States by Biden Administration officials since Jan. 2021, including an estimated 8,000 per day in Texas.

These illegal aliens are financially supported here both by U.S. taxpayers and a group of pro-“open borders” non-profits backed by political activists like Hungarian billionaire George Soros and blue chip American companies like American Express, according to an analysis of Internal Revenue Service filings by the Austin Journal.

Soros and American Express are both major donors to the American Immigration Council (AIC), the National Immigration Law Center and Immigration Equality, the group’s 990 filings show.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has partnered with the three groups to help illegal aliens obtain visas to stay in the United States by claiming they have been victims of a crime, which entitles some aliens to special treatment by immigration officials.

“If they claim to be victims of crime, they will be referred to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for U and T visa applications,” writes John Binder of “U visas are a coveted visa category as the program allows thousands of illegal aliens to secure visas to stay in the U.S. and often bring their relatives with them. After years of living in the U.S. on a U visa, illegal aliens can secure a green card that ultimately allows them to eventually apply for naturalized American citizenship.”

In Texas, AIC has been a leading advocate for so-called “sanctuary city” policies, in which local police refuse to follow federal laws with which they disagree politically, in particular on illegal immigration.

The National Immigration Law Center also advocates for illegal aliens to receive welfare benefits and other taxpayer subsidies.

“Federal law does not prohibit states from providing in-state tuition to (illegal) immigrants,” the group argues. “The shortage of education dollars is real, but it is patently unfair to burden motivated and high-achieving (illegal) immigrant youth with this responsibility.”

On Tuesday, the group signed an amicus brief opposing “race-blind” admissions to colleges, arguing this would impact illegal immigrants’ ability to get subsidized tuition to schools.

Immigration Equality, also backed by Soros and American Express, advocates for “LGBTQ” seekers of political asylum in the U.S. who “face persecution” in their home countries. It is demanding U.S. taxpayers pay to house and feed them in Texas communities– not in Mexico– while they pursue their cases in U.S. courts.

“Every day Remain in Mexico is in place, asylum seekers face the threat of robbery, kidnapping, rape, and murder,” the group said in July.

“Social advocacy”

Once a supporter of traditional charity, historic building preservation and the arts, American Express has recently shifted its focus to more politically-charged causes.

In Jan. 2021, the company replaced longtime American Express Foundation President Timothy McClimon with Mukund “Madge” Thomas, a veteran of political charities.

Thomas previously spent four years working in policy for the “Global Poverty Project (GPP),” financially backed by Soros and billionaire Bill Gates as well as the world’s largest corporations. The group’s “Global Citizen” initiative promises to “end poverty” by giving every human on the planet a “digital financial identity”– a global tax identification number–  that would serve as the foundation for all aspects of their lives.

Under Thomas’ leadership, Global Citizen pushed for the end of cash bail in New York and was a leading advocate for open borders policies and welfare payments to illegal aliens in the U.S. and Europe.

In May, a year into her tenure, Thomas announced American Express’ 2022 “new giving grant priorities” that would include “social advocacy,” “equity” and “climate change.”

“We recognize we have a responsibility to bring the powerful backing of American Express to address the pressing global challenges of today, which is why we updated our grant priorities to support and align with our three ESG pillars of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, building financial confidence and advancing climate solutions,” said Thomas.

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Photo “George Soros” by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. CC BY-SA 2.0.


Reprinted with permission from The Austin Journal