by Evan Stambaugh


Video obtained by Alpha News appears to show Republican state House candidate Bob Loonan soliciting campaign donations through one of the continuing education courses he teaches.

Loonan, a former member of the Minnesota House of Representatives looking to recapture his old seat, offers insurance and real estate courses through Loonan & Loonan’s Consulting. The courses fulfill credit requirements for continuing-education students.

Right before wrapping up a class session, Loonan reminded students he is “running for office again” and highlighted the state’s “refund program” for any donation up to $50.

“If you have problems [finding] that, just get a hold of me at that same email address and I’ll set you up with that also. I appreciate that,” Loonan said, directing students to his campaign website.

The course allegedly took place July 19, but Loonan has not responded to Alpha News’ request for comment.

In late 2014, Loonan was fined $10,000 and temporarily suspended from teaching his courses after refusing to participate in a Minnesota Department of Commerce hearing on his purported violations of state law.

The department had been investigating Loonan for only teaching two-and-a-half hours in a class worth four credit hours, and allowing third-party companies to supply students with a notebook and a pen in the classroom.

“I learned my lesson,” he said at the time, per Shakopee Valley News.

More recently, Loonan has found himself in hot water over accusations that he violated Minnesota’s Fair Campaign Practices law.

Loonan, running against incumbent Rep. Erik Mortensen in District 54A, appears to have falsely claimed an endorsement from the Republican Party of Minnesota and referred to his “re-election” on reused campaign literature from his previous time in office.

Mortensen has defeated Loonan twice in the district’s Republican primary, once in 2018 when Loonan was the incumbent, and again in 2020. The Scott County Republican Party of Minnesota — the local GOP chapter in District 54A — did not endorse either Mortensen or Loonan at its convention this year.

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Evan Stambaugh is a freelance writer who had previously been a sports blogger. He has a BA in theology and an MA in philosophy.
Photo “Bob Loonan” by Bob Loonan for Minnesota House.




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