Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, interviewed businessman and Navy vet Jack Maxey about his work mining Hunter Biden’s laptop. Maxey said his next step is to partner with law enforcement to review sensitive national security and other materials that would be illegal for a private citizen to view without the color of law.


McCabe: No man has done more to break the mainstream media’s blockade on Hunter Biden’s laptop than businessman and Navy veteran Jack Maxey. In an exclusive interview from his current safe house, Maxey told The Star News Network why Hunter Biden’s laptop matters.

Maxey: My sole objective from day one has been the national security of my country and to fulfill my oath to the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

McCabe: Maxey, a graduate of Yale College and former Navy officer, said inside the laptop are backups of emails and texts from Hunter Biden’s other devices that he synced to his MacBook. In addition to this trove, the president’s son put spyware on devices belonging to his father and others with all the documents and correspondents pointing to the same conclusion.

Maxey: Hunter Biden and his father are beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. One other thing that they’re beholden to – if Hunter was doing the things he was doing in the United States, what do you think he was doing in influence programs in Beijing? What do you think he was doing in Kazakhstan, where they could give him anything he wanted? What do you think he was doing in Ukraine?

McCabe: Maxey said the next phase of mining the laptop will be under the color of law.

Maxey: I don’t know what’s in there, and I do know that there were some serious national security issues that made me not want to release even the emails back in April.

We needed a color of law that’s under advisement from one of the best child protective lawyers on the planet. We need a law enforcement officer present to look at the photographs and the videos. And we’ve got that.

McCabe: The former Palm Beach, Florida, resident said he is cautious about what he releases out of respect for possible victims who still can be saved.

Maxey: The next step that we’re going to do is take the 80,000 images that we recovered in videos and everything else, and I’m going with a group of intelligence guys and a good number of brave sheriffs, and we’re going to go through this.

And if we find child pornography, we’re going to hand it over to Interpol, and there is no way to fly in international airspace or ride a boat and we’ll go where we need to go to rescue these girls.

McCabe: Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.