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Michael, there were two articles in particular that I read since we were last together. One is called “Inside the Mind of an Addict.” And that is in The Wall Street Journal from July 4th, actually. And it talks about when a person is addicted.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean addicted to a drug. They could be addicted to porn. They could be addicted to gambling. They could be addicted to any number of things.

But what they’re saying is that a person who is addicted, especially if they are addicted as a younger person, as a teenager, that can have profoundly negative implications for them for the rest of their lives.

And then there was another article from The Wall Street Journal, also on July 4th, titled, “Why the Rush for Toddler Vaccines?” And we’ve discussed how Biden and the Left have tried to force schoolchildren to take vaccines, and now they’re trying to get pre-kindergarten toddlers, they’re trying to get them to take vaccines.

And if you couple that with the continuing mandate that the Biden administration is imposing on our military to take the vaccine, you can kind of see a pattern. And it gets, really, to kind of your points you made about the federal government trying to usurp the rights of the states, the local communities, and even individuals.

But the articles on addiction, there’s another one that was in by Julie Jargon, and it was also in The Wall Street Journal July 2nd, and the title of that is “What Porn Does to Teen Brains and How to Keep Them Off Devices.”

And this article in particular talks about how if teenagers get addicted to pornography, how it changes their lives and makes it very difficult for them to relate in a positive way to other people.

And so when you take all of these things and put them together and you look at what happened in Chicago with this crazy person, it turns out … I’d read these and I was prepared to talk about this.

And then I watched Tucker Carlson last night, and he talks about how many of these mass murderers are on some kind of pharmaceutical.

I’m not talking about an illicit drug. I’m talking about an antidepressant that is supposed to make them a less violent person. And in fact, what Tucker points out is that if all these people who are committing, or if almost all these people who are committing these mass murders  are on some kind of pharmaceutical, that’s supposed to make them a calmer person, perhaps the pharmaceuticals themselves are a problem. And we ought to be looking into that because the recreational use of drugs is going up and our society is becoming more violent.

Pornography is more widespread, and it’s even being pushed into our schools. And that’s unhealthy. This is an area that I hope politicians look at more. I know that our governor and Republican Party here in Tennessee are concerned about this issue in our schools.

And that’s part of what we’re trying to do, to reform our schools so that we are more parent-centric and education-centric and less about indoctrination, and paying particular attention to these chemicals that are finding their way into our young people, to their detriment.

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