Democrats’ gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams announced Thursday on Twitter that her candidate of choice to be Georgia’s next Lieutenant Governor is Charlie Bailey.

“I am proud to endorse my friends Bee Nguyen for Secretary of State, Charlie Bailey for Lieutenant Governor and William K. Boddie Jr. for Labor Commissioner. They are proven leaders we need in office to ensure Georgia becomes a state where everyone has the opportunity to thrive,” Abrams wrote.

Bailey responded, “I am honored to be Leader Stacey Abrams’ chosen running mate to stand alongside her and to work with the entire Democratic ticket to create One Georgia- where every person can build a better life for their kids than they had.”

Bailey is a lawyer at Cook & Connelly, LLC and an alumnus of the University of Georgia.

Voters first met Charlie Bailey when he ran unopposed as the Democratic candidate in the 2018 primary election for Attorney General. He subsequently lost to Chris Carr. Bailey was bested by Carr, earning 48.7 percent of the general election vote to Carr’s 51.3 percent.

Bailey said he intended to mount a bid for the attorney general’s office, but Party officials asked to run for Lieutenant Governor instead.

“I planned to pursue that campaign again this year, but leaders in the Democratic Party asked me to consider running for Lieutenant Governor to help the entire ticket fight to win this fall and bring positive change to our state Capitol. After careful consideration, I have agreed to run for Lieutenant Governor this year,” Bailey noted a campaign statement about his candidacy.

Bailey was also endorsed by Augusta District Attorney, Jared Williams.

“Charlie’s experience as a former prosecutor is sorely needed at the state capitol. Charlie understands that equal safety and equal justice for Georgia’s citizens go hand in hand, and that truly one cannot exist without the other,” said Williams.

“Together we can win, we can support Stacey Abrams and the entire ticket and help them succeed, and we can fight to make the Georgia General Assembly work for people instead of the powerful special interests. I thank all of you for your support, and I hope you will join me on this new journey,” said Bailey.

Bailey advanced to the June 21st primary runoff election where he will face Kwanza Hall. Early voting for the primary runoff election is June 13 to the 17th, and the last day to submit an absentee ballot application is June 10th.

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Photo “Charlie Bailey” by Charlie Bailey.