Guy Ciarrocchi, a Republican candidate in Pennsylvania’s 6th Congressional District race, blasted incumbent Democrat U.S. Representative Chrissy Houlahan (D-PA-06), saying “she let us down.”

Ciarrocchi explained how Houlahan’s actions in the U.S. House have disappointed the PA-6 community and how she’s been a rubber-stamp for the Biden agenda, a position that directly contradicts her promises to voters in the previous election.

“Throughout the latter part of the pandemic, into the fall of 2020 and into 2021, when we wanted her support – when my members needed her support to go back to business, to go back to work, to lead their lives, the kids in school, the masks coming off – she either sided with the Biden administration on national issues or was silent locally and of no help,” he said.

“She’s of the mindset that if there’s a problem, send a check. As I told members, Republican and Democrat at the federal and state level, small business don’t want to fill out paperwork and they don’t want checks,” the candidate continued. “They want to go to business. People that run comic book stores, antique shops, barber shops, catering halls, pizza parlors, and bed and breakfasts – they didn’t go into business to fill out government forms. They didn’t go into business to ask for checks from anybody in Washington.”

Ciarrocchi explained why he thinks the business owners in the district that he is running in went into business.

“They went into business to run their businesses because they have a passion about something they do, or they have an entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

Explaining his case against Houlahan, Ciarrocchi said, “That’s the case. She owns, she voted for, she supported every single thing thing that brought us where we are today. In her case it’s worse than even your average Democrat who has done that. She promised the exact opposite.”

“She promised us independent, common-sense leadership, and working locally. She let us down,” he said. “My campaign, in part, is because of that. She let my community down. She let my family down. She let my little league family down.”

“I’m speaking out because everything she promised us she would be, she wasn’t,” added Ciarrocchi.

“Everything she’s done has contributed to the disaster we’re in. I’m duty-bound to run. I have to speak out and offer an alternative to that,” Ciarrocchi concluded.

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Photo “Guy Ciarrocchi” by Guy Ciarrocchi