by Melvin Everson


As we approach November, we will be seeing many names on the ballot: some old and some new.

Yet no name on the ballot will be older than Sanford Bishop.

Sanford Bishop has been in Congress since 1993, which, at the completion of his current term, would mean he’s held a seat for nearly thirty years.

While holding a seat in Congress for a lengthy period of time isn’t disqualifying in and of itself, when you couple a nearly thirty-year career with a history of corruption and serving as a foot soldier for a failing President, it tells a story of a United States Representative who puts himself first.

Over Bishop’s nearly three decades in Congress, he has been found guilty of ethics violations and forced to rectify corrupt mishandling of campaign funds and scholarships.

In 2020, a Congressional Ethics Investigation revealed Sanford Bishop brazenly abused campaign finances.

The investigation exposed that Bishop used his campaign account for six years to pay for memberships, meals and fees at two private golf clubs amounting to $33,000. He and his wife also regularly used his campaign account to pay for lavish golf trips and gas and auto repair expenses.

In 2010, reporting revealed that Bishop had steered thousands of dollars from the Congressional Black Caucus’s Scholarship Fund to family members and close associates. He took money away from a college fund for his own personal gain.

When he was caught, not only did he say he did nothing wrong, he attacked Republicans for supposedly “scoringcheap political points.”

To make matters worse, when he’s not committing gross ethics violations, he’s taking egregious votes on the floor of the house.

In the 116th & 117th Congress, Sanford Bishop has voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time.

Bishop portrays himself as a fiscally responsible Democrat, but in reality, he’s as radical as Stacey Abrams.

Georgians have been slammed with the highest inflation rate in over 40 years, record-high gas prices and a supply-chain crisis that has led mothers to fear whether or not they’d be able to find baby formula.

In the midst of all of this, Bishop bragged about voting for the stimulus package that boosted inflation and supported Joe Biden’s “Build Back Broke” plan which would have boosted inflation even more.

It’s evident that Sanford Bishop’s loyalty lies with Joe Biden and his own personal gains.

It’s crucial that Georgians get out and vote for Republicans up and down the ballot including in Georgia’s Second Congressional district to hold Democrats like Sanford Bishop responsible for their corrupt and disastrous leadership.

When Georgians do that, Sanford Bishop will be forced to find a new way to pay for that 7 AM tee time.

– – –

Melvin Everson is a former Georgia State Representative.