Neil W. McCabe, the national political editor of The Star News Network, reports from Washington’s Union Station, where Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott sent migrants who crossed the border into his state.

A social worker from the Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington told The Star News Network that she and other staffers from Catholic Charities, including Monsignor John Enzler, the local president provided the migrants with food, clothing, diapers and toys – and tickets to their requested destinations.

Some of the migrants went to New York City, others went to Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Miami.


McCabe: Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott has begun busing migrants from the Lone Star state to here in Washington, where they were dropped off at Union Station behind me. Roselle Velez, who is a social worker with Catholic Charities, told The Star News Network why Catholic Charities was there.

Roselle Velez: I got here, they were here already. They were waiting at the food court. We have the sisters and Father John was also here as well. So everyone from Catholic Charities in D.C., they were here and they greeted them, they fed them.

McCabe: Abbott directed his Division of Emergency Management to bust border migrants who volunteered to Washington April 6 as a protest against President Joe Biden’s open border policies.

(Greg Abbott clip plays)

The Biden administration and a lot of leaders in Congress have no idea about the chaos they have caused by their open border policies. And they refuse to come down and see firsthand and talk to the people who are really most adversely affected. And if they’re not going to come to the border, I’m going to take the border to them in Washington, D.C.

McCabe: Velez said she helped translate for the migrants, including one mother with two children.

Velez: They are from Venezuela. The mother had a 5-year-old son and a 1-year-old daughter. They didn’t have any clothes. They just have the clothes that they came with.

So Catholic Charities got them some clothing, diapers and baby wipes and milk, and toys. Even toys for them, too, so they could just have some toys while they are just going through this transition.

McCabe: If Abbott expected Washington to share the migrant burden Texas now shoulders, he was wrong. After a short rest stop, Catholic Charities sent the migrants on their way elsewhere.

Velez: So there is a group going to New York City, they’re on the way now. There’s one who’s going to Rhode Island, there’s another one who’s going to Miami. There’s another group going to Miami, and they are heading there as well. There’s another bus.

McCabe: Their stop in D.C. was not a total loss. At least the migrants got to see how Americans live two blocks from the Capitol. Reporting for The Star News Network, Neil W. McCabe, Washington.