A far-left group that supports open borders has launched an all-out attack on moderate Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

“Voto Latino is investing six figures to hold Senator Sinema accountable during the 2024 primary for her obstruction of critical voting reforms, minimum wage increases, pandemic relief for undocumented Latinos, and other reforms that would protect and uplift millions of Latinos,” that organization said on a website called Adios Sinema.

Adios Sinema is the name of the campaign to end the senator’s career in Washington.

“Sinema’s actions directly undermine and suppress the right and wellbeing of Latinos that elected her into office,” it continued. “We refuse to let Sinema have the last word — voters will have the last word.”

Voto Latino falsely accuses Sinema of voting “against voter rights.” Sinema has refused to help her party abolish the Senate filibuster so it can ram through legislation that it does not have the votes to pass under the current rules. She has not cast a vote on “voter rights.”

One of Voto Latino’s explicit goals is to raise money to defeat Sinema.

Asked whether lying to achieve that goal is tantamount to fraud, the group declined to comment.

“Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, Voto Latino is not available to answer this request,” Paola Amador, a consultant for Voto Latino, told The Arizona Sun Times by email.

Overall, the far-left group is committed to helping illegal immigrants get American citizenship.

From its main website:

There are solutions! One way to fix our immigration system is by passing the DREAM and PROMISE Act. The DREAM and PROMISE Act provides a path to citizenship and protections to undocumented people who came to the country as children. It’s the first step in comprehensive, just, and equitable immigration reform.

The Arizona senator has been under fire from progressive groups, mainly for her commitment to keep the Senate filibuster in place. She also was formally censured by the Arizona Democratic Party over the weekend.

Democrats seek to pass legislation that would mandate permanent changes to the way elections are conducted, opening up the door to mail-in voting, drop-box voting, and in some circumstances, non-citizens voting.

Opponents of such legislation say it would make elections less secure, and more vulnerable to fraud.

Sinema is a Democrat in a typically-Republican state, and many see her refusal to bend to the demands of the progressive wing of the party simply as a political strategy to ensure her 2024 reelection.

Sinema’s office could not be reached for comment.

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Krysten Sinema” by Krysten Sinema.