Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) questioned coronavirus relief policies enacted by President Biden and congressional Democrats, labeling the added spending as “irresponsible.”

According to Scott, the funds, which were enacted through legislation passed last year, add to the levels of inflation throughout the country and waste taxpayer funds.

“American taxpayers should be enraged. Despite mountains of data showing state and local governments didn’t need a wasteful $350 billion bailout from the federal government last year, Democrats did what they always do: recklessly threw billions of taxpayer dollars into the air with no accountability. State and local governments are now swimming in extra cash, using funding intended for COVID relief as a slush fund for their completely unrelated pet projects. That is unacceptable,” the senator said in a statement.

Multiple states across the country have reported a budget surplus, even in areas that have traditionally produced budget deficits. For example, experts have predicted that California will boost $31 million in extra funds.

Last year, when the state also reported a surplus, Governor Gavin Newsom and state leaders distributed stimulus checks to some residents of the state, including illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, the extra money is directly hurting Americans and increasing the historic levels of inflation witnessed throughout the country, the Florida lawmaker argued.

“This reckless misuse of taxpayer dollars, which is further fueling inflation, is disgusting. Families and small businesses are struggling to keep up amid Biden’s raging inflation and supply chain crises and stretching budgets to keep their businesses open. These elected officials, and the Washington Democrats who fought so hard to greenlight this wasteful spending, should be ashamed of themselves.”

Biden attempted to pass an additional spending package, known as the Build Back Better Act. But, he was unsuccessful due to opposition from within his own party.

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Cooper Moran is a reporter for the Star News Network. Follow Cooper on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected]