Sean Parnell, a former candidate for U.S. Senate who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump, backed recently-declared candidate Dave McCormick in the same race.

McCormick will take on former lieutenant governor contender Jeff Bartos, political commentator Kathy Barnette, former ambassador to Denmark Carla Sands, and cardiac surgeon Mehmet Oz, and multiple other candidates.

In his endorsement, Parnell pointed to McCormick’s experience as a graduate of West Point and a veteran, in addition to his successful business history.

“@DaveMcCormickPA served our great nation in combat. He was willing to lay down his life for all of us. He knows what it means to serve something greater than himself. He’s a fighter. He’s a leader. I’m proud to endorse him for Senate in Pennsylvania,” the former Senate candidate said in a tweet.

“I have been watching and hoping a candidate would emerge–someone who could give me total confidence that they will fight for Pennsylvanians and never back down to the Woke mob, but that just hasn’t happened, until now,” Parnell told Fox News. “Dave McCormick is that candidate.”

The former hedge fund CEO, who just launched his campaign last week, has already built substantial support. In addition to Parnell, the new candidate placed third in a straw poll among members of the state party committee for the Central Caucus—substantially ahead of some candidates who have remained in the race for months.

Furthermore, this businessman has close connections to former President Trump, who may endorse another candidate in the contest. Dina Powell McCormick, the candidate’s wife, worked as a deputy national security adviser under the former commander-in-chief.

He also hired Trump’s former advisers Hope Hicks and Stephen Miller to serve on his campaign.

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Photo “Dave McCormick” by Department of Defense. Photo “Sean Parnell” by Sean Parnell. Background Photo “Senate Chamber, Pennsylvania State Capitol Building” by Bestbudbrian. CC BY-SA 3.0.