U.S Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) on Tuesday called out President Joe Biden for his “counterproductive” vaccine mandates.

Green, like many other Republican officials, argued Biden’s mandates are hypocritical, as the commander-in-chief admitted “there is no federal solution” to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter addressed to Biden, the Tennessee congressman urged Biden, because of his recent remarks, to end all mandates issued by his administration

“If you believe this to be true, then it is time for you to immediately rescind the unconstitutional federal mandates that are harming frontline workers and everyday Americans. By unilaterally dictating that every business with over 100 employees impose a vaccine-or-test mandate, your Administration is punishing millions who have decided not to get vaccinated, many of whom have acquired natural immunity. Yet your Administration continues to ignore the scientific consensus that recognizes the long-lasting protection natural immunity provides,” Green wrote in the letter.

Green, who has consistently opposed coronavirus mandates, pointed out that Biden campaigned on ending the pandemic. Often, the Biden campaign blamed former President Trump for death totals and high positive cases. However, more people have died from the virus in 2021 than in 2020.

“President Biden came into office promising to ‘shut down the virus’ as president. Now he admits that ‘there is no federal solution’ to the COVID-19 pandemic even as he continues to use the federal government to impose heavy-handed and counterproductive vaccine mandates on the entire country. It is well past time for President Biden to rescind his unconstitutional federal mandates. The American people are through with this hypocritical charade,” Green added in a statement.

Earlier this month, Green again called on Biden to rescind the executive orders implementing the mandates, pointing to a string of rulings from the judicial branch.

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