The freshman Wisconsin Republican congressman who traveled to witness the mass migration through Panama’s Darien Gap told The Wisconsin Daily Star President Joseph R. Biden Jr., is responsible for thousands of deaths and other abuses suffered by migrants he invited to the United States.

“What’s very clear is that every state is how a border state and people are being resettled across America – it doesn’t matter if they are coming from across the Southern Border, part of the Afghanistan evacuation – these migrations are going to affect every community,” said Rep. Timothy P. Tiffany, who sits on the Immigration and Citizenship Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee.

Tiffany said Biden and his administration had every intention to open the borders regardless of the consequences.

“What’s happening is that it stresses hospital and healthcare systems; it stresses school systems,” said the congressman after participating in a forum hosted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

“When they were originally coming into Fort McCoy, the Afghan evacuees, it put a pinch on the wholesale food supply that was going to schools and other institutional users,” he said. “It stressed on the food suppliers because they took so much in a brief amount of time that they weren’t prepared for the rush.”

“They misled the American people,” he said. “They said on January 20th we’re going to open the borders because of what was going on before was not humanitarian. What they’ve done is, they are the ones that are violating the basic premises of being humanitarian.”

Darien Gap ground zero for humanitarian crisis for migrants

The congressman said he saw first-hand the humanitarian crisis and suffering Biden wrought during his recent trip to the Darien Gap, a stretch of mountains and jungles, where there is a break in the Pan-American Highway between the cities of Yaviza, Panama, and Turbo, Columbia.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have reached the southern border of the United States crossed the gap either coming north through Columbia or by starting at the isthmus itself.

Tiffany went to the Darien Gap with conflict photojournalist Michael Yon.

“All you have to do is go to Panama and see what’s happening down there,” the congressman said. “You have babies that have drowned in the river – washing down the river – the villagers talk about that.”

The congressman said because Biden encouraged the current flood of migrants coming north into the United States, the president is responsible for the horrific loss of life in one of the world’s least forgiving terrains.

“Ten percent – one in 10 people who try to get across the Darien Gap – they’re perishing,” he said.

“They’re dying, and you have tens of thousands more people doing that now, so you know many more people are dying,” he said.

The death toll is in addition to the rapes, the assaults, and all the rest that Biden unleashed on Inauguration Day, he said. “When the signal was sent: ‘Come to America.’”

Tiffany said the migrants throw away their visas and identification cards before they reach the U.S. border to thwart any attempt by the U.S. government to vet them, and the Biden administration welcomes them into the country unvetted.

“When you look at these visas and identification cards that get discarded at the border – these people have lived in – for example – the Haitians, the Cubans – they’ve been in Brazil for years,” he said.

“Why did they come now? Because of January 20. That’s why they come.”

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Photo “Tom Tiffany” by U.S. House of Representatives. Background Photo “Border Wall” by Jannik Kiel.