Dozens of individuals have reported issues with Pennsylvania’s unemployment system, as repeated mishaps have caused delays in payments.

The technical issues created by the website and the agency’s failure to provide payments have caused individuals to have limited or no income during the holiday season.

One resident of the state explained to WPXI that she has not received compensation from the state agency since the middle of September.

Earlier this year, the state invested $35 million to overhaul the system.

“L&I staff will be on-hand around the clock to immediately begin working on any potential issues that arise. To keep unemployment benefit claimants informed about potential issues, L&I will communicate directly with small groups of affected claimants, use social media and its website for larger issues, and host an issue status dashboard that will go online early next week,” a statement from the Department of Labor & Industry said earlier this year.

“The current system is scheduled to go offline to users on May 30 through June 7, 2021 to allow for data migration from the old system to the new one, the most complex part of any system upgrade. The new system is anticipated to be ‘live’ June 8, 2021.”

However, since then, Pennsylvania residents have been plagued with difficulties. For example, some individuals cannot log into the system to even file a claim to resolve their complaints.

A review of the system’s website demonstrated 12 different problems that have been reported by the Office of Unemployment Compensation.

One glitch with employer’s login remains under the label “Fix in Progress.”

“Some users who are the primary contact for the employer are unable to log in to the new UC system, even though they are using the same login credentials they use for,” reads the website.

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Photo “Waiting in line” by Jay Cross CC 2.0.