Michigan State University (MSU) announced on Friday that all students and faculty will be required to receive a coronavirus vaccine booster shot.

Beginning in the upcoming spring semester, all individuals must have the additional shot to remain in compliance with the university’s policies, according to an email from MSU President Samuel L. Stanley.

“All members of our campus community who were fully vaccinated either with a two-dose regimen more than six months ago or a one-dose regimen more than two months ago are now eligible for a booster and should immediately receive one. Those individuals who are still within the six- or two-month windows (depending on vaccine type) should make plans to receive a booster as soon as they are eligible. Those who fail to receive a booster when eligible will be considered noncompliant with MSU’s vaccine directives,” Stanley wrote the email to students and staff.

The additional requirement will be an expansion of the university’s existing vaccine mandate, imposed earlier this year.

Individuals who received an exemption during the first mandate will also be exempt from the booster regulation.

“Students, faculty and staff who already have religious or medical exemptions will remain exempt from the booster requirement. Students who are online-only may also request an exemption for spring 2022. The university will be updating the vaccine verification form to allow individuals to record their boosters,” Stanley continued.

Last month, the university fired unvaccinated staff and suspended students who did not comply.

“Individuals that are found to be in violation of the vaccination directive will be subject to discipline, including removal from campus and termination of employment or dismissal from the university, for the health and safety of the MSU community,” said MSU spokesman Dan Olsen of the mandate.

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Photo “Michigan State University Students” by the Michigan State University.