First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, accompanied by second gentleman Doug Emhoff, visited a children’s COVID vaccine clinic and Waukesha City Hall during their Wisconsin trip Wednesday. This was the first visit from anyone in the White House following the Waukesha parade tragedy.

Emhoff and Biden visited the memorial for the murdered victims from the Waukesha parade killing. WISN 12 reported that Biden had a moment of silence and left a flower bouquet at the memorial.

Suspect Darrell Edward Brooks allegedly killed six people and wounded 62 others in late November after he allegedly plowed a car through a Christmas parade in Waukesha.

Emhoff and Biden met with four of the families of the murdered individuals in closed-door meetings.

Emhoff was “emotional” during their stories.

“Waukesha, Wisconsin now holds a special place in my heart. I’m never going to forget the people that I just met, the stories I just heard, and the strength that I just witnessed here,” he said. “As a father and as a son, it’s really impossible to meet these families and not think about my own kids and my own parents.”

“While there is no logic to this loss, it has left something else in its wake – love. And that defies logic, too,” Biden said.

Also, WISN 12 reported that Emhoff and Biden also visited the Children’s Wisconsin in Milwaukee to encourage “front-line workers” and brought them “cookies from the White House.”

They also went to a vaccination clinic for children. WISN 12 reported that their visit was part of a “continued nationwide effort urging parents and guardians to vaccinate kids ages five and older.”

“Parents, we do absolutely everything we can to protect our kids. And in this pandemic, you did. You figured out how to support virtual learning while working your own job. You found ways to create online playdates and birthday parties. You chose to get yourselves vaccinated,” Biden said.

Biden continued, “I’m excited that you have another way to keep your family safe. A vaccine for children five and older. It’s not just another way to protect your kids against COVID-19. It’s the best way. It’s been thoroughly reviewed and rigorously tested. It’s safe, it’s free and it’s available for every child in this country 5 and up.”

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Photo “Jill Biden” by Jill Biden.