by Natalie


Pennsylvania state Rep. Jim Struzzi is trying to expand a law that provides for firefighters and police who are injured on the job to cover other types of public servants.

The Pennsylvania Heart and Lung Act of 1935 allows police officers and paid firefighters medical and wage benefits if they are temporarily disabled because of an injury on the job.

The Enforcement Officer Disability Benefits Law of 1954 was passed to provide police, park guards, and paid (but not volunteer) firefighters full income replacement when injured in the line of duty.

House Bill 2132, sponsored by Struzzi, R-Indiana, would expand these benefits to allow campus police officers to be covered under the act.

“If my bill becomes law, these vital members of the law enforcement community would be eligible to receive their full salary until they return to work or their injury is classified as a permanent one,” Struzzi said.

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