The Ohio House of Representatives on Wednesday approved a pro-life bill that prevents doctors who work for state-funded hospitals and medical schools from contracting with abortion clinics.

The Born Alive Infant Protection Act, sponsored by State Senators Terry Johnson (R-McDermott) and Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City), would also require doctors to conduct medical treatment on babies that survive failed abortions.

Because of the provision restricting doctors from contracting, two abortion clinics, Planned Parenthood of Southwest Ohio and Women’s Med of Dayton, could be forced to close.

“Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion industry proved yet again that they never truly cared about women’s health—only their profits—when they fought against this life-saving law. Thankfully, the Ohio Legislature sent a strong message today that every child’s life is valuable, no matter their size, ability, or location,” said Center for Christian Virtue Legislative Liaison Nilani Jawahar. “By passing SB 157, the Legislature also protected Ohio taxpayers by ensuring that our state has nothing to do with the destruction of our most vulnerable, the unborn.”

Physicians will also be forced to report instances of infants being born alive after failed abortions to the Ohio Department of Health.

The final draft of the legislation will now head to Governor Mike DeWine for his consideration. If fully enacted, medical professionals who violate the measure could face first-degree felony charges.

Supporters of the bill argue it will provide adequate care for infants.

“Ohio is a pro-life state. Senate Bill 157 is another step in our continued commitment to uphold the sanctity of human life,” said Senator Steve Huffman. “Regardless of what side of the abortion debate you are on, we can all agree that newborns deserve proper medical care and compassion.”

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