The leader of a nonprofit group based in Tennessee that is battling Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools is not afraid of the White House working in conjunction with the Department of Justice (DOJ) to intimidate parents who protest the far-left curriculum.

“Our message to [Attorney General Merrick] Garland would be this: by weaponing the DOJ against parents, you’re only emboldening us and affirming to us how corrupt the system is – from the Public Schools, to the top of our Government agencies,” Moms for Liberty Chair Robin Steenman told The Tennessee Star. “It’s demonstrating just how far the Progressive left is willing to go to seize this generation’s mind – they will threaten, intimidate and harass parents using government authority if need be.”

At the behest of the White House and the National School Boards Association, Garland recently deployed the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate unspecific “threats” allegedly made by parents who protested school boards nationwide over mask mandates and CRT.

“Garland is taking off the mask and showing America how partisan and rotted departments like the DOJ have become,” she said.

Steenman also told The Star that her group is comprised of “happy warriors” who don’t fear the DOJ or Department of Education because they “have nothing to hide.”

Moms for Liberty recently made national news when it’s complaint against Williamson County Public Schools – alleging that the school district was teaching CRT to seven-year-olds against a newly implemented Tennessee law – was rejected by the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE). The TDOE rejected the claim not based on merit, but on procedural grounds.

Left-wing media personalities chided Moms for Liberty, claiming the group was attempting to prevent schools from teaching American history.

Steenman addressed those critics. She told The Star:

Remember, this isn’t even a history curriculum, it’s a reading curriculum for seven-year-olds who have no historical context. Yet the word “injustice” appears 314 times in the 478 page Teacher’s manual. Lessons about prefixes use words like “injustice, inequality, unequal, unfair.” Since many of the books are not even to the lexile of 2nd graders, the manual asks children to stare at pictures of angry white mobs and Mexican-Americans being taunted and disparaged – since again, seven-year-olds can’t actually read the books. This goes on day after day in the lesson plan. The books also teach children the “N” word and disgusting anti-Mexican slurs. The Wit & Wisdom curriculum intentionally tries to make second graders feel as if there’s been no racial progress or redemption in America. The goal is to leave children in the Jim Crow south of the 1960s. Finally, most importantly, actual kids have been harmed by it in the WCS system, including one bi-racial boy who felt ashamed of his white half.

Left-wing political operative Judd Legum, who moonlights as a journalist, was particularly critical of Moms for Liberty.

Steenman addressed him directly.

“Judd Legum is a leftist ‘reporter’ who never even interviewed us for our perspective. Even CNN did that. If you’re trying to understand both sides of a story, isn’t that the duty of a ‘journalist?’ But that’s because he’s a fake journalist who worked for the Clinton machine,” she told The Star. “He’s also defended porn being in school libraries, as well as falsely called concerned parents in Fairfax county ‘paid operatives.’ He has a horrible reputation for dishonesty. He is certainly not coming from an unbiased place.”

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Pete D’Abrosca is a contributor at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network. Follow Pete on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Moms for Liberty Banner” by Moms for Liberty.