The City of Madison on Wednesday announced that all individuals who serve as poll workers will be mandated to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

Earlier this year, city officials detailed the vaccine requirement or testing for all city employees. A recent memo certified that the requirements would be extended to poll workers.

“If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, we ask that you send two items in reply to this email:
1. Completed COVID-19 vaccine attestation form
2. Image of both sides of your CDC COVID-19 vaccination card OR proof of your vaccination through your personal Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR).” the memo read.

However, critics have detailed that the announcement was released a couple of weeks before the deadline for interested parties to register.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin claimed that the latest move is a departure from the state’s election laws.

“This week, Madison has again decided to use fear to circumvent election integrity. Mandating vaccines for poll workers, at a time when even the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s decision to limit Special Voting Deputies is being challenged in the courts, is only meant to restrict the public from realizing fair and open elections,” the group said in a statement

“This is a prime example of shady behavior from election officials that sows distrust in the democratic process, and we are evaluating options to ensure that the City of Madison cannot further damage voter confidence.”

Former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who is running for Governor in 2022, hinted that the move may be aimed to prevent Republican poll workers.

“Interesting how after we’ve been making a big push to get more conservatives working polls, Madison is now requiring all poll workers to be vaccinated. Do you think they are trying to keep you from seeing what goes on behind the scenes?” she tweeted.

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Photo “Gwinnett County Polling Place” by Gwinnett County.