President Joe Biden and members of his staff are considering Terry McAuliffe for a position in the administration, according to a report from Punchbowl News.

The media outlet cited numerous, “high-level” sources and described that McAuliffe has not openly asked for a position.

“McAuliffe, a former governor who just lost a chance for a second term last week, has been in Democratic Party politics for dozens of years, so he has lots of friends in the Biden administration. This would be quite a good landing spot after losing the gubernatorial race. Talks have not yet started at all, but the administration is keen on finding a place for him, multiple sources tell us,” the report states.

It is unclear which position McAuliffe could be awarded.

The former chair of the Democratic National Committee has aligned himself closely with Biden, especially during his failed campaign for governor of Virginia. In the campaign, the president and numerous members of the administration made multiple stops at McAuliffe events.

In the 2020 election, McAuliffe was a proud surrogate of Biden on CNN, saying he was “going to go all-in for Joe Biden.” During the Virginia election, Biden returned the favor.

“You don’t have to wonder what kind of governor Terry will be; you know what kind of governor he was and what kind of governor he’ll be again,” said Biden at a campaign stop. “He was a great governor of Virginia, and he’ll be even greater this time because he even has more going for him. And, Virginia, you got to elect him again. You got to elect him again.”

In the end, Republicans swept the state’s elections, winning governor, attorney general, lieutenant governor, and retaking a narrow majority in the House of Delegates, leaving just Virginia’s Senate in Democrat control, according to unofficial results.

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Photo “Joe Biden Speaking” by Eric Burk.