Senator Bill Hagerty (R-TN) on Wednesday blasted President Joe Biden over the historic levels of inflation throughout the country.

The statement from Hagerty follows the U.S. Labor Department announcing that the consumer price index rose by 0.9% in one month alone.

The current levels are up 6.2% compared to last October and are at a 30-year high.

“As the American people prepare for the season of Thanksgiving, they can thank President Biden and his disastrous policies for inflation, soaring prices, and falling real wages,” Hagerty said in a statement. “Americans’ average weekly earnings adjusted for inflation cratered by 10 percent on an annualized basis from September. This reduction in real wages, net of Biden’s inflation, is a massive broad-based tax on every hard-working American.”

Notably, energy prices climbed 4.8% last month. At the same time, the White House confirmed that it is considering shutting down another pipeline, Michigan’s Line 5 oil pipeline.

In the statement, Hagerty pointed to Biden’s policy decisions for the spike in prices.

“I hear it every day from the people of Tennessee who are trying to put fuel in their vehicle, buy everyday groceries or pay rent: everything is much more expensive and personal budgets are being severely strained. I’ve said before that this isn’t a pig-in-a-python moment, and the Biden Administration’s continued out-of-touch claims that rising prices are transitory is highly offensive to working people all across the country. Tennesseans know that more of President Biden and the Democrats’ out-of-control taxing-and-spending and far-left energy-killing policies will make inflation worse, which is why I continue to stand firm in my opposition to their radical proposals,” he continued.

Experts have warned that it could continue and be next year before prices begin to decline.

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