MAPLEWOOD, Minnesota – Hundreds gathered outside of the 3M located in Maplewood, Minnesota on Sunday afternoon to protest the company’s COVID vaccine mandate. 3M mandated the COVID vaccine for their employees, with a deadline of December 8.

Protests have taken place at other 3M locations around the country, but this protest took place at their global headquarters in Minnesota. 3M has just under 100,000 employees worldwide, with about 28,000 of those being within the United States.

group of people protesting COVID-19 vaccinesThe protest was organized in part by Mark Bishofsky. Bishofsky, a former respiratory therapist, has organized many rallies advocating for medical freedom in the past few months, including two at the Minnesota state capitol and one at the Minnesota Department of Education.

The speakers at the 3M event included Dr. Matt Scott with Mask Off MN and Karen Mueller, the founder of Amos Center for Justice. Other speakers were, Michael Toombs (a respiratory therapist), Suzanna Newell (vaccine injured), and Scott Miller (a 3M employee).

Mueller, an attorney, started the Amos Center for Justice to help provide legal assistance following the 2020 election. Mueller shared during her speech that she has been representing those who had a vaccine injury or who died following a dose of the COVID vaccine.

She said that she also started a group in Wisconsin called “Wisconsin Stands for Freedom.” She encouraged Minnesota to follow suit.

Protesters held signs saying things like “Stop the mandate” and “My body, my choice.” Many people driving past where the protesters were located honked and waved in support.

As of Monday, the company has not made any statements regarding the mandate.

Bishofsky told The Minnesota Sun, “I was asked by Scott Miller to help organize the rally and I am always more than willing to do whatever I can to help these people fight for medical freedom. I did the rally because I am hopeful that by doing them, we can continue to grow the movement and spread awareness. The impact I hope to have is shining a light of hope for those concerned about our loss of freedoms. It’s not just medical freedom. We are all concerned about the government monitoring our speech and the vast amount of censorship on the different social media platforms.”

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