Arizona Governor Doug Ducey on Monday announced an additional $1 million in federal funding will be awarded to the Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.

According to the governor’s office, the funds will be used to support a one-year program that will provide up to 5,000 individuals with critical life and social-emotional skills training.

When explaining the need for the investment, Ducey pointed to the lingering side effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the state’s education.

“We’re working around the clock to get our kids caught up, but learning loss is just the beginning of the challenges they face,” said Governor Ducey. “Our kids also suffered socially and emotionally from being away from their classrooms, teachers and friends. Arizona’s kids missed out on a year of spending recess on a playground, participating in sports, learning how to engage with others and far too much more.”

Specifically, the money can be used to support salaries of personnel, develop curricula, and provide equipment such as computers and tablets.

“Our Boys & Girls Clubs were critical in giving our kids a safe place to play and learn during the pandemic, and they will continue to be as we emerge from it. We’re dedicated to supporting Arizona’s Boys & Girls Clubs in their efforts to help our kids fully recover from a year as tough as last,” Ducey added.

The initiative will allow students to participate in the Positive Action program, which teaches students that we feel good about ourselves when we do positive actions.

“Our kids have been through so much, and we should do everything in our power to get them back on track,” said Josh Stine, Director of the Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. “This investment will help us improve our kids’ emotional and mental wellness after all the devastation of last year. On behalf of all the Boys & Girls Clubs in Arizona, I want to thank Governor Ducey for helping us in our mission to give Arizona’s kids a better future.”

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Photo “Doug Ducey in classroom” by Arizona Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs.