Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced legislation to support American made goods and to try to address the supply chain issues facing many Americans. Baldwin said, “Our Made in America economy has been neglected, exposing us to shocks that leave us unable to produce or acquire the things we need, putting our health, economy, and security at risk.”

According to Baldwin’s office, “The Supply Chain Resiliency Act will alleviate current supply chain bottlenecks and prevent future disruptions by investing in American companies to reduce our reliance on long supply chains and ensure that critical products are made in America.”

Senator Baldwin said she wants to hold the Biden administration to the same standard she held the Trump administration to. “Since the beginning of the global pandemic in 2020, supply chain disruptions have impacted businesses, manufacturers, and consumers who are face[ing] rising costs for some products. I pushed the Trump Administration to do more scale up production of American made products and strengthen our supply chains and I am pushing the Biden Administration to do more as well.”

Baldwin said in a press release that her bill, The Supply Chain Resiliency Act, will address disruptions to the supply chain that have created higher costs for some items.

She said, “Supply chain disruptions have caused price spikes for some consumer goods. My legislation can help address these issues in the short term and put us in a stronger position going forward.”

Baldwin’s office shared that the Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity, released its first-ever “Wisconsin Manufacturing Report,” giving credence to Baldwin’s bill and concerns. The report allegedly said, “The Supply chains –both the availability and cost of materials needed –top the list of issues manufacturing executives are most concerned about. It’s a worry that both smaller and larger manufacturers share.”

According to Baldwin’s press release, her bill would create an Office of Supply Chain Resiliency, “Through committed long-term low-cost financial support, the Office of Supply Chain Resiliency will provide incentives for manufacturers seeking to expand production in the United States and the companies that get their goods to market.”

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