Tennessee State Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) joined a growing list of Tennessee lawmakers demanding a special legislative session to tackle COVID-19 mandates.

In a letter to Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, Bailey explained that while the legislature passed a ban on vaccine passports, the measures did not go far enough.

“While the General Assembly did act, during the 2021 legislative session, to ban vaccine passports, I continue to agree with my constituents that further steps need to be taken to ensure that it’s a personal choice in taking the COVID-19 vaccine and the wearing of a facemask. Furthermore, the legislature should take action to allow Tennesseans the right to choose alternative medical treatments for conditions related to COVID-19 when traditional methods are not allowing for any improvement in the patient’s condition,” Bailey wrote.

The letter from Bailey follows similar measures carried out by Senator Kerry Roberts (R-Springfield) and Senator Paul Rose (R-Covington).

Roberts, in a letter, outlined six potential goals for the special legislative session, including prohibiting mask mandates in public schools.

“These are trying times with federal overreach and aggressive mandates that infringe on our Constitution. We in the Senate need to fully engage to ensure our rights are safeguarded. I have supported for some time now, and will continue to staunchly support a special session,” added Senator Paul Rose (R-Covington) in a tweet.

Additionally, lawmakers held a rally outside of the Capitol to further draw attention to the issue.

However, McNally has remained hesitant to embrace the idea.

“I remain convinced that locally elected school boards and private school organizations know how best to manage operations during this pandemic so that students can remain healthy, learning and, most importantly, in the classroom. If a special session is called, I will work with Governor Lee, Speaker Sexton and all my colleagues to keep this our mission focus,” he said previously.

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