The Job Creators Network’s (JCN) Bring Small Business Back (BSBB) tour is coming to Waukesha, Wisconsin on Tuesday. Wisconsin Rep. Scott Fitzgerald (R-05-WI) will be attending and will be receiving JCN’s “Defender of Small Business” award.

The tour will be in Waukesha at 8:45 a.m. September 14, at Weldall Manufacturing. Participants can register to attend on EventBrite. According to a press release, the speakers at the Waukesha stop will include Rep. Fitzgerald and JCN Chief Communications Officer Elaine Parker.

According to its website, the Job Creators Network is “the country’s leading small business organization advocating for lower taxes, less regu­lation, and pro-growth policies that promote investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship across America.”

The Bring Small Business Back tour has covered at least seven states over the course of four weeks. The BSBB bus tour has had events with varying Members of Congress and local small business leaders and “is part of JCN’s seven-figure BSBB campaign.”

The tour will also be stopping in Florida, Minnesota, Indiana, and Georgia.

They say that they are the country’s only conservative organization advocating for “lower taxes, less regulation, and pro-growth policies” for small businesses. JCN is seeking to promote investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship across America.

JCN says its goals for the bus tour are to:

  • Highlight the needs of small businesses as they struggle to recover from the pandemic
  • Expose the current war on small business as the Left pursues policies like higher taxes, higher minimum wages, and massive government spending that is already causing consumer prices and the costs associated with operating a small business to skyrocket
  • Promote the business leaders, legislators, and other advocates that are defending small businesses

JCN’s description of the Bring Small Business Back Tour said that it is touring to support business owners in this “new epidemic of harmful policies.” The organization wrote, “This year, as the country recovers from Covid-19, small business owners are contend­ing with a new epidemic of harmful policies that are coming from the White House and the Demo­crat-controlled Congress.”

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Photo “JCN Bus” by Job Creators Network.