Former state lawmaker and GOP gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones released a video on Thursday criticizing Georgia Governor Brian Kemp for his actions during the 2020 election process.

“In 2020, I witnessed, firsthand, Brian Kemp abandon the president, costing us two Senate seats and the Oval Office. He chose to sit on the sideline,” Jones said. “While Brian Kemp was on the sidelines, I was on the frontlines — rallying support for the President, criss-crossing the country, and fighting for the integrity of our elections.

The attack from Jones stems from Kemp’s early dismissal of many Republicans’ concerns over the security of the election. Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who is also facing a daunting primary challenge, quickly certified the results of the election, sparking backlash from many conservatives.

Jones has consistently raised similar concerns. Earlier this week, Jones toured the Arizona election audit of ballots in Maricopa County. When describing the process, he praised the level of detail taken by volunteers and officials working. “I hope that that team with that level of detail in that audit would be the ones that would do it [the audit] in Georgia. They set the gold standard on how audits should be conducted. This is not a recount. This is a thorough examination and forensic audit,” he told The Georgia Star News.

“Georgians deserve a fighter, not a coward. That’s why I’m running for Governor,” Jones said in a tweet attached to the video questioning Kemp’s efforts.

While President Trump has not officially weighed in on the race, he has criticized Kemp for his actions relating to the November 2020 election process. Further, at a rally in January, Trump said, “I’ll be here in a year and a half campaigning against your Governor, and your crazy Secretary of State.”

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Background Photo “Georgia Capitol” by Autiger. CC BY-SA 2.0.