by John Palomino


A New York luxury hotel is being “vandalized” by immigrants, who have been accused of drinking all day, smoking marijuana, having sex on the stairs and starting fights, an employee told Fox News on Thursday.

“The chaos we see on The Row today is [caused] by immigrants who are drunk, drinking all day, smoking marijuana [and] doing drugs, ” Row NYC employee Felipe Rodriguez said of what he called “shameful.”

The complaint highlighted the “chaos” at the Hotel Row after New York’s Democratic Mayor, Eric Adams , declared a state of emergency in response to the thousands of immigrants who have taken buses into the Big Apple in the past few years. last months.Immigrants are temporarily housed with taxpayer contributions at this luxurious 1,300-room Manhattan hotel, where a single night can cost up to $500.

Rodriguez said The Row is dealing with “domestic violence” between immigrants, young people “having sex on the stairs” and a fight between a foreigner and a hotel security guard.

He further shared videos of fresh “good food” rotting in garbage bags because “migrants don’t want to eat it” because they don’t like it.

He also denounced abuses by migrants, explaining that the employees lost control of the hotel and the migrants began to believe they owned the place.

“The upkeep of the rooms is horrible. They don’t clean, they don’t fold clothes. They accumulate clothes, they accumulate what they can accumulate.”

RodrĂ­guez said he had trouble paying his car, gas and electricity bills in 2017, but the migrants don’t have any of those chores.

“There were a lot of things I had to take responsibility for. Fortunately for the migrants, the US government gave them carte blanche to pretty much do whatever they wanted. They go into the hotel of their own free will.”

As of December 14, at least 31,000 of these migrants had been processed by the city’s reception center.

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John Palomino is a reporter for ADN America.
Photo “Illegal Immigrants” by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.




Reprinted with permission from ADN America.