Arizona Representative Andy Biggs (R-AZ-05) recently spoke against the pro-abortion protests occurring across the country that have caused damage to state and public buildings, demanding that the Department of Justice (DOJ) take action against what he calls ‘domestic terrorism.’

“I am a staunch supporter of our First Amendment and peaceful protest, but the pro-abortion protests related to the Dobbs v. Jackson decision have jeopardized public safety,” Biggs told The Arizona Sun Times via email. “These types of activists have besieged state capitol buildings, pregnancy centers, homes of Supreme Court justices, and those who support the pro-life movement. I co-sponsored Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s legislation to classify the recent actions of two pro-abortion groups – Jane’s Revenge and Ruth Sent Us – as domestic terrorism while also co-signing letters to Attorney General Merrick Garland that demand a response from the Department of Justice.”

Furthermore, Biggs shared his thoughts on the seeming partial treatment given to pro-life protestors compared to those involved in the events of January 6th, saying they are not held to the same standards.

“Pro-abortion activists have created mayhem across the country, but have not been held to the same standards as the January 6 defendants by the DOJ or the media. It’s clear these groups are organized and are taking credit for the violence and vandalism they are perpetrating – in the manner of all terrorists,” said Biggs. “In many cases, the rule of law is not applied to these pro-abortion protestors. We must correct that.”

Biggs recently joined Benny Johnson, host of Newsmax’s The Benny Report, and spoke further about this alleged double standard.

“This is one example of this disparate treatment that people have. You [Benny] alluded to the January 6th rioters, who weren’t insurrectionists any more than those yo-yos out in front of the Arizona Capitol. They’re rioters who committed a crime of some kind or another, and they should be treated appropriately; that is, they should be given due process. But when you start throwing away the rule of law, and due process, and also the right to peacefully protest, which is what’s happening in our country today, you are undermining the very value system of America,” Biggs said.

Furthermore, Benny asked Biggs why the recent demonstration at the Arizona Capitol was not wall-to-wall news.

“Well, Benny, it’s [the demonstration] not going to be the number one news story because it’s the craze-o leftists, the anarchists on the left side of the political aisle that caused the insurrection at the Arizona Capitol,” Biggs said.

Benny asked if Biggs had any insight on what it was like to be inside the building while protestors banged on the glass outside.

Biggs said he received word from his friends in the building that, despite some “tense moments,” they ultimately felt safe during the demonstration. Some were even armed and able to defend themselves if needed, as stated by Biggs.

“But, you know, these people out there rioting, who knows what they would have done, had they got in,” Biggs said.

As reported by The Sun Times, state senators joined the effort to remove graffiti and profanities spray-painted on monuments around the Arizona Capitol grounds.

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Neil Jones is a reporter for The Arizona Sun Times and The Star News Network. Follow Neil on Twitter. Email tips to [email protected].
Photo “Andy Biggs” by U.S. Congress. Background Photo “Stop Abortion Bans Rally” by Fibonacci Blue. CC BY 2.0.