by Benjamin Yount


The state is waiting to see what comes from the latest hearing into Wisconsin’s investigation into the 2020 election.

Former Supreme Court justice and current special election investigator Michael Gableman spent about an hour testifying in Dane County Court on Thursday.

Gableman told the judge about the slow start to his investigation into the last 2020 presidential election, before admitting he has not kept every record that he has amassed during his review.

“We don’t have to keep every scrap of paper,” Gableman told reporters after the hearing. “I was at my desk yesterday as I was getting ready for this, I uncovered some papers and I found a little sticky note. I don’t even know what it was, I must have written something while I was on the phone. And I thought, if I had to keep every scrap of paper I would do nothing else. I would need a warehouse.”

The liberal group American Oversight is suing Gableman over an open records request it says Gableman ignored.

The group’s lawyer, Chritsa Westerberg, told reporters after the hearing the judge is weighing what to do about Gableman’s record-keeping going forward.

“There’s still an office [of the special investigator], and there was testimony that they are still following the same practices that led to some of these problems,” Westerberg said.

The judge in the case dismissed a contempt of court order against Gableman’s boss, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos.

American Oversight sued Vos as well, demanding a full accounting of his emails. Vos said some of the emails the group wanted no longer exist, and presented evidence that they can no longer be retrieved.

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Benjamin Yount is a contributor to The Center Square.