Moms for America launched its new initiative, MomVote, during a press conference in Nashville Saturday. The group’s newest initiative “empowers moms around the country to find voter information quickly and easily.”

Moms for America, founded in 2004, is a nonprofit educational corporation with a mission to “empower moms to raise patriots and promote liberty for the healing of America.”

“There has never been a more critical time for mothers to speak up, act, and protect their families,” Kimberly Fletcher, president of Moms for America, said in a statement. “Moms are suffering in this country. Our country’s leadership has failed us, and we moms have had enough. We are excited to roll out and demonstrate MomVote, as well as a letter-writing campaign to our elected leaders. These resources will arm our mothers with the information they need to act.”

Deb Kraulidis, vice president of Moms for America, also released a statement on the initiative, saying, “We want to give our momma bears the tools and resources they need to take action. It’s time that our leaders hear our voices loud and clear. With MomVote, they will be able to take the most important step in our democratic process – to vote out our leaders who are failing us, and replace them with candidates that stand up for America first.”

In addition to Vice President Deb Kraulidis and President Kimberly Fletcher, the press conference also featured the following speakers: Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, president of Tarver Consulting; Kimberly Overton, BSN, RN, founder/executive director of the Nurse Freedom Network; Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder/president of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations; Glenda Pappu, director of Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty; and Jamie Hall, co-director of Tennessee Neighbors for Liberty.

On June 23rd, Moms for America will be in Troy, Michigan, to host a MomRise Summit where moms can further learn about and get involved with the group’s MomVote initiative.

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Kaitlin Housler is a reporter at The Tennessee Star and The Star News Network.
Photo “Official Color of Moms for America” by Moms for America.