Tennessee’s U.S. senators Bill Hagerty and Marsha Blackburn commemorated Memorial Day and honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States of America.

Memorial Day is the federal holiday in the United States when U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the armed forces are commemorated and mourned.

Hagerty tweeted on his official U.S. Senate office account, “Today on #MemorialDay, join me in remembering our Nation’s heroes who put their lives on the line for the country they deeply loved. May their love of country reignite our own, may their selflessness inspire generosity, & may their great sacrifice give rise to great gratitude.”

Included in the tweet was a video with a lengthier and similar message.

“As the Gospel of John reminds us, there is no greater love than this – that a man lay down his life for his friends. Today on Memorial Day, join me in remembering the courageous service members who demonstrated this sacred truth from the Bible – putting their lives on the line for their friends and the country they so deeply loved,” Hagerty said.

“Join me in honoring every Tennessee volunteer who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation, to defend our flag, and to defend our freedoms,” he said. “Join me in praying for their families, for the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters – whose loved one never returned home.”

“May our nation’s heroes love of country reignite our own today. May their selflessness inspire generosity and may their great sacrifice give rise to great gratitude. Thank you, and may God bless,” concluded the senator.

Senator Blackburn said in a tweet on her official office account, “This Memorial Day, join me in praying for those who have lost their loved ones in the fight for freedom. We remember their sacrifice and honor their lasting legacy on our nation.”

Blackburn additionally shared a video message as well.

“Well, it’s Memorial Day, and I encourage all Tennesseans to take a moment and say thank you to those who have worn the uniform, those who have served, and please express gratitude to those individuals who lost family members as they fought to protect and defend our nation,” she said.

“We would not be here without them,” Blackburn concluded.”

Blackburn additionally said on her personal account, “Wishing you a safe Memorial Day. May we never forget our fallen soldiers.”

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Photo “Bill Hagerty” by U.S. Department of State. Photo “Marsha Blackburn” by Marsha Blackburn. Background Photo “Military Funeral” by Arlington National Cemetery.