As part of his proposed budget, Mayor John Cooper is pushing for a significant raise for Metro Nashville school bus drivers.

After unveiling his proposal, Cooper took to the bus radio system to tell the drivers personally.

Cooper tweeted a video of his comments to the bus drivers, the caption of which read, “After proposing a significant raise for @MetroSchools bus drivers, I had the chance to share the news with them in person and over the bus radio.”

“Hey everybody, this is Mayor John Cooper, and I just wanted to say thank you for what you do for Nashville’s children and families every single day,” he said to the drivers.

“And it’s long past due that we step up for you, especially as the cost of living continues to increase. That’s why in this year’s budget I’ve made pay increases for school bus drivers a priority and I’m proposing new wages for bus drivers that puts you on par with WeGo drivers,” said Cooper.

“Well, what does that mean? It’ll be a little different for everybody, but it means a minimum annual pay increase of around $11,000 – and for some people, that will be a pay increase of up to $14,000, and bus monitors are also getting a big bump,” he continued.

“Since I took office, we’ve increased the starting pay for bus drivers by 65 percent. Now, that’s a big number but you all deserve it, and I’m extending paid family leave to all Metro Nashville Public School employees – six weeks paid just like every other Metro employee,” the mayor of Nashville announced.

“But I’m here to say I’m grateful to you, to each and every one of you for your hard work and your service to our community and our children,” he said.

“Now, I know you need to get back to work now, but thank you for doing what you’re doing, and drive safe,” Cooper concluded.

In a previous tweet, Cooper said, “It’s long past time that our @MetroSchools bus drivers are paid a competitive wage, which is why I’m proposing a minimum annual raise of $11k for the men and women who get our children to and from school safely everyday.”

Cooper read from a piece of paper in the video while making his comments to the bus drivers.

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