Former President Donald Trump-endorsed candidate for Georgia attorney general, John Gordon, in an interview on The John Fredericks Show, hammered his opponent – incumbent Attorney General Chris Carr – for what he described as a lack of accessibility on the campaign trail.

“I have been campaigning every day for the past two months and I have yet to see Chris ‘Do Nothing’ Carr anywhere,” he said. “In fact, I have concluded that he must have moved into Joe Biden’s basement because we can’t find him anywhere.”

When Trump endorsed Gordon in March, he said, ” A very successful Businessman and Attorney, John Gordon, will be running against “Do Nothing” Attorney General Chris Carr. As everyone in the Great State of Georgia is aware, Carr did absolutely nothing to stop the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud which, as facts have shown, and are showing, was rampant. He spent more time hunting those people who fought for the truth than he did those who cheated in the Election. Chris Carr was a disaster every step of the way. He wasn’t looking for Election Integrity, but rather, an easy way out.”

Trump added, “John Gordon, on the other hand, will get to the bottom of it all. He is tough, strong, smart, and loves the people of Georgia. He is also strong on the Border, Crime, our Military, Vets, and will proudly protect our Second Amendment. He will be a spectacular Attorney General, something the state so desperately needs. John Gordon has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will never let you down!”

The Republican primary is scheduled for May 24.

Gordon’s website says, “John is the only candidate that will protect your votes. As Attorney General John Gordon will enforce existing laws to prevent voter fraud.  He will uncover past fraud and hold people accountable, so election fraud never happens again!”

He additionally had strong words for Carr.

Chris Carr has neglected to perform the duties of the office that he swore an oath to uphold. In fact he has taken the remarkable position that no material fraud occurred in the 2020 elections, even as the Secretary of State has threatened to take over the Fulton Board of Elections for presumably allowing fraud,” he said. “They simply cannot have it both ways.”

Gordon’s campaign materials also discuss what he plans to do in office.

John will also protect our communities against crime, illegal immigration and the influx of fentanyl. He will also prevent misguided educators teaching critical race theory; from counseling children under the age of 16 on gender identity; and John will guarantee parents’ rights to raise their children as they see fit.”

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Photo “John Gordon” by John Gordon. 


John Fredericks is the Publisher of The Georgia Star News