Laurie Cardoza-Moore, a member of Tennessee’s Textbook and Instructional Materials Quality commission, argued that states should follow Florida’s approach to Holocaust education.

According to Cardoza-Moore, the curriculum supported by Governor Ron DeSantis gives Holocaust education and American history the high “level of instruction they deserve.”

Her remarks follow a controversial banning of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel about the Holocaust, Maus, by a local school board in McMinn County, Tennessee.

“I am in the process of contacting the McMinn County Public Schools to request that they reconsider this decision at the next school board meeting and further ask them that experts be allowed to testify why this book should remain one of the most important tools in our arsenal to fight antisemitism in Tennessee,” she noted in an emailed statement.

“I have been involved in reviewing education standards, textbooks, instructional materials and supplemental materials for over a decade in Tennessee, Florida, Texas, California and Ohio to ensure that our children are not being indoctrinated with antisemitic, anti-American, anti-Judeo-Christian, revisionist history, Holocaust revisionism or racist curriculum. One of the instructional materials I had the opportunity to review was Maus. You can’t imagine my disappointment when I read the decision made last week in Tennessee to ban the book. I’m working to get that decision rescinded.”

According to the textbook commissioner, the decision from the school board should be reversed.

“Our work in preserving America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and values in our children’s Civics education amid the national push towards Critical Race Theory will benefit more than 1.8 million students in Florida classrooms—as will the Holocaust education materials that will be a national gold standard for Florida. I applaud Gov. DeSantis in successfully sending a resounding message that Holocaust education and American history will both be elevated to the level of instruction they deserve,” she added.

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Photo “Laurie Cardoza-Moore” by Proclaiming Justice to the Nations.