Safety concerns remain an issue for students at the Ohio State University (OSU), despite increased funding for security measures across the campus.

Two individuals were arrested after a stabbing occurred in a parking garage on the campus of OSU. According to law enforcement and university officials, none of the individuals involved were connected to the college.

“I don’t feel that safe here as a student, especially at night.” Sophomore Natasha Lomnitz told WSYX.

In addition to the latest crime, a spike in violence last year concerned students and parents, leading officials to take action to attempt to curb the crime.

Previously, leaders of the university announced an influx of funds to increase security measures near the campus. Specifically, it was designated to hire private security and install additional mobile lighting around the area where students live. In total, officials committed $20 million over the next 10 years.

In accordance with the commitment, Buckeye Block Watch launched patrols in the neighborhood around the campus on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m.

The security teams canvas the region on foot and bikes. However, the members of the patrol “are not sworn law enforcement officers, and will not have arrest powers or carry firearms.”

“While we appreciate President Johnson’s efforts and finally publicly addressing the violent crimes being committed against OSU students, we are cautiously optimistic but also frustrated. If they can do this today, they could’ve done this a year ago and with greater urgency that would’ve saved so many of these poor students from being victimized. The passive manner in how OSU handles safety is endangering the lives of so many people,” a group of concerned parents said in a statement after the announcement of the added funds.

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