Kendall Qualls and his organization Take Charge have announced that they will be releasing a documentary in 2022, called “I Am A Victor!” Qualls ran for Congress in 2020, against Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN-03). Qualls told The Minnesota Sun that he “never wanted to be involved and never had been involved” in the political scene before.

Qualls continued, saying that the reason he decided to run was because he began seeing and hearing something different in the country. He said that elected officials described the United States “is bad and evil and socialist.” Qualls called that messaging “dangerous.” That’s also the reason why Qualls started Take Charge and is releasing the documentary.

“The documentary tells the story of two different paths that black Americans took,” Qualls said. “One of the paths was an Afro-centric, secular worldview. But you never heard about a different path that a large percentage of black Americans took, and that was faith, family, education, success. It’s what they were taught from their parents and grandparents. They stuck to their family values, work hard, get a good education, stay committed to their family, and do their best.” He said that the documentary is about returning to the cultural roots of faith, family, and education.

Qualls told The Sun that it’s about “something that is not taught, and most Americans don’t realize it.” Qualls went on, “Most black Americans don’t realize it, but when Martin Luther King Jr. was killed, 80% of black American homes were two parent families.”

“What happened in the black community from the time of Luther [King Jr.]’s death until where we are now? Even though black Americans went through redlining and Jim Crow, at that time we were still focused on faith and family. What happened?” Qualls asked, citing a statistic that 70 to 80% of the black community are one parent, fatherless homes today.

“This has been purposely not written about – it’s a cultural genocide, what’s happening to the black community – and it has been without one national initiative to reverse the trend. No other culture in the world lives with 80% fatherless homes,” Qualls said.

He explained that he believes that the issues began when the government started offering social welfare programs.

Qualls said, “Social welfare programs by President Lyndon B. Johnson heavily focused on black communities. They were only made available to women as long as they remained unmarried. People actually had jobs to go into these homes to make sure that there were no men in the home. You saw a catalyst of single moms, or fatherless homes.”

Qualls also emphasized that his message is not a political one. “America works,” he said. “That’s not a political message. We have indoctrination that has taken hold for decades, that America is racist and white people are racist, I experienced it. People just do not know the truth.”

“Our goal is to get the documentary released on as many platforms as we can. Hopefully we can get it released to students, both K-12 and college aged people. Young people don’t know the story, learning that, it’s how we get back to our basics,” Qualls shared.

The documentary is slated to be released on the anniversary of King Jr.’s death, April 4, 2022.

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Photo “Kendall Qualls” by Kendall Qualls.