Live from Virginia Monday morning on The John Fredericks Show –  weekdays on WNTW AM 820/ FM 92.7 – Richmond, WJFN FM 100.5 – Central Virginia, WMPH AM 1010 / FM 100.1 / FM 96.9 (7-9 PM) Hampton Roads, WBRG AM 1050 / FM 105.1 – Lynchburg/Roanoke and Weekdays 6-10 am and 24/7 Stream –  host Fredericks welcomed War Room’s  Stephen K. Bannon to the show to discuss Joe Manchin’s refusal to sign on to the Build Back Better bill while dismantling the Democrats’ agenda. He added that in the days to come the Biden administration will begin to blame Trumpers and The Unvaccinated in response to their mishandling of the Omicron variant.

Fredericks: Joining me, Stephen K. Bannon. He is the host of the biggest and hottest show in America, live on War Room. Now he’s on 10 to noon Monday to Saturday. He’s on 5:00 to 6:00 Monday to Friday. He’s heard all over the world. He’s got the biggest live audience and the biggest podcast and he’s the biggest influencer.

And he has the most listeners of anybody in America. Even if you add them all up, he’s there. And he’s joining us now, Stephen K. Bannon.

Steve, great to have you with us. Merry Christmas to you, Maureen, and your family. We’re fired up to have you on today.

Bannon: Thank you so much – and I really appreciate the Christmas music introduction. (Fredericks laughs) I think it’s one of the reasons that we’re dominating the ratings this week is that we pride ourselves on doing very selective Christmas carols from throughout the world. And it’s gotten quite popular.

We actually put it up on our GETTR playlist. But I realized how much we appreciate it after hearing your introduction. And this because you’re working out some anger issues from over the weekend for football? (Inaudible talk)

Fredericks: I can’t be playing nice Christmas music when my team should have won the game 28 to three (Bannon laughs) and they turned the ball over four consecutive times on four possessions in the second half. And then I can’t get a first down the guy can’t break a tackle. And it misses like two inches. Yes, definitely anger issues.

Bannon: So, you’ll work it out. Well listen, I can tell you I also got anger issues as The Squad for your audience, you know for all the Deplorables, since you’re the Oracle of Deplorables, I know everybody in the Trump movement listens to the show.

And it’s important with this, a massive weekend for us. The complete collapse of the phony Biden agenda. And you see how little support it has with Joe Manchin coming out yesterday and showing absolutely no respect for this White House.

I mean when China and Russia and the rest of the world watches this, Joe Manchin goes on TV and then tells them, “I’m out. This is not happening. It’s not good for the country.”

He goes through a detailed list of why it’s terrible for the country and why it’s been phony this bill.

And Krysten Sinema tells people around her, later, when she starts to get a little heat, her people tell a reporter that there are 15 other democratic senators that don’t want this to go forward, including Tester and others, that are just hiding as she said, “they’re hiding behind my skirts.”

So this thing has no support from any Democrat that wants to be re-elected. And of course, The Squad goes crazy. Last night you’ve seen Kamala Harris on this Charlemagne tha God, which really, he and Joe Rogan are probably the two best interviewers beside you in the country.

Charlemagne completely has Kamala Harris melted down with a couple of simple questions. He said, “Hey, is Joe Manchin President or Joe Biden? Like ,who’s president?” He asked the question that the Trump movement asks every day. And she melted down.

Her staff tried to shut the thing down. She also said in the interview with one of the other interviews on Friday they were not prepared and they were caught totally unprepared for Omicron. Think about that. You have no testing in New York and you have no testing throughout the country.

You have hour waits throughout the nation. The guys that have just said President Trump didn’t know what he’s doing and were incompetent. We’re going to bring order and stability. They have no testing. They’re not prepared for this. She said it!

She says, “We were caught totally unaware.”

Her quote. Totally unaware of Omicron and found she had to go up to try to clean it up yesterday. This administration, this regime is not just in chaos it’s in a total freefall with no net underneath.

It so it’s so bad after The Squad goes crazy last night, Nancy Pelosi just announced this morning she’s going to bring Build Back Better for another vote as soon as they get back in early January. So they’re going to go burn down the ship while it’s burning to the waterline and they’re going to go down with it.

So for the Trump movement, it’s a massive Christmas present.

And here’s how it’s brought about: It’s brought about by your listeners who called and who worked phones, worked emails, worked text messages and got in contact with people, told the Republicans to stand firm.

The democrats when they were talking over the weekend about what they could pitch going forward. The only thing they could talk about was the infrastructure bill that Mitch McConnell handed up.

So unless the Republicans bail out, this feckless, illegitimate regime, it’s going to burn, it’s going to burn below the borderline and sink of its own accord. But for the audience, it’s a tremendous Christmas present for the nation delivered by you guys and delivered by this audience.

Fredericks: Steve, I got a couple of things here. Number one, Pelosi says she’s going to bring it back in January is she gonna bring the same Build Back bill, and for what is the purpose behind that when Manchin said no? What changes?

Bannon: I think Bernie Sanders’ people believe they can force Sinema and if they bring it to a vote you know it’s an old truism here in Washington. If you want to see where people stand bring it up to a vote.

Force their hand. They can do a lot of talk until you do it. And you know CNN and people all over the weekend are going oh well, you know West Virginia needs us.

Here’s the thing is that they actually polled Build Back Better. I think it’s only 41 percent of people actually support it. And that’s what’s really out knowing what’s in it. Once you know what’s in it how it’s paid for the American people reject this out of hand.

I think it was 41-34 against and the rest undecided. What the Undecided’s would break to being against it. This bill is a disaster. It’s a disaster for everybody. And people know that when you really look into it. So you can’t float it. But what Pelosi wants to do the politics of it is they’re making a big deal, Bernie Sanders in the Senate, let’s force Manchin and Sinema to listen.

I think we have an opportunity here and if Mitch McConnell was focusing on the country and not just himself he would work towards getting Joe Manchin. And that’s why I love him being attacked by The Squad.

We should hope and try to work with Joe Manchin for him to become an Independent that caucuses with the Republicans and actually flip the senate to the Republicans just like Angus King in Maine.

He was an Independent that caucuses with the Democrats. I don’t know if we can get Joe Manchin to flip the Republican Party but I think something that everybody, I’ll be working on particularly, and all your listeners, in West Virginia.

If Joe Manchin could declare he’s an Independent that caucuses with the Republicans we would flip the entire senate. Remember on Friday the one defeat we had is that the Senate under Mitch McConnell approved 40 left-wing judges. Radical left-wing judges under Biden. They only approved 17 in the first year of President Trump.

40 judges were approved. This is once again your Republican party is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. So if we had Manchin who could declare himself Independent and I’d love to have Sinema do the same thing.

But that may be a bigger reach at least right now although she’s being attacked relentlessly by the democratic party in Arizona. No. if Manchin could flip to become an Independent caucus with the Democrats could put an end to a lot of this nonsense and that’s something I think people ought to continue to work on particularly after Biden signed off.

If people haven’t seen it, you ought to read the scathing statement he put out. It was really a screed. It’s not a statement, I’ve never seen a White House ever put out something this long, multiple paragraphs long. An absolute screed against Joe Manchin.

It goes through the details of their negotiation where Manchin laid out a pretty convincing case. The thing’s not paid for. The White House has lied about it every number that they show anybody is totally a totally lie misrepresentation. You have inflation spinning and burning out of control.

And they’re not focused on the key economic problems of the country and yet they try to force this thing through thinking they will buy votes. This is their last gas measure to buy votes. Here’s one thing you’re going to see happening over the next couple of days as we get to the new year for your audience John.

Democrats can’t win if you just count votes of American citizens. They know this. So right now they’re going back and they’re gonna try to get around the parliamentarian with this immigration. The immigration things still up. They’re pushing that every way from Sunday.

But the parliamentarian said no way can’t do it by reconciliation. So they’re trying every gimmick in the world to push through an immigration bill so they can get 11 million illegal aliens that will eventually be able to vote. They’ve got 800,000 non-citizens in New York City they just gave the right to vote in in municipal elections.

The big thing they’re focused on now is this federalization of vote. They understand they can’t win elections the old-fashioned way with the votes of the American people. So now they’ve got to go and try to scramble around this this is why you don’t see voting rights become a big deal because they got to federalize the elections to take them away from the states. And they also realize that this is the precinct strategy to get election officials in and to take back the school boards where ‘little platoons’ of Edmund Burke were winning and we’re running the tables.

That’s where they’re freaking out. Every day they’re freaking out about this that because we’re actually taking control. So they’re going to try to counter that as strongly as possible. And so this is where the fight’s going to be. They are not able to bribe the American people. They’re just going to try to steal it in a different way.

And every day they’re going to get news articles out – every day. “We’re so close to civil war. So close.”

We ain’t close to civil war and here’s why: we have two-thirds of the American people in back of us who are winning at ballot boxes. This is what Virginia shows you when The Deplorables show up and become election officials. 95 percent – as you know, John, because you led this effort – 95 percent of the ballots are taken by either poll watchers or people in the room counting the votes.

Guess what? Republicans win. Trump candidates win. And that’s going to continue to happen. And they’re frantic and here’s the thing we’ve got before us. It’s a historic effort and you can see now with Build Back Better better collapsing we have the opportunity to win 100 seats in this Congress and to basically control the country.

The Hispanic vote is totally up in the air and we could get over 50 percent of it. We could win the Rio Grande Valley, South Texas, and all these counties down by the border that are being basically destroyed by the Biden regime because of the invasion on the southern border.

We could win I think a majority of African-American men who are fed up with the economic policies of this presidency and also the lack of law and order in the cities as their families are the ones that are bearing the brunt of this. So every aspect of this is going our way.

We just have to keep our shoulder to the wheel, not get cocky, and realize every day they’re going to try to pull out some new radical plan. And here’s the beauty of it: Everything that they said “oh, we’re doing this” and “we’re doing this” and “we got COVID-19 under control.”

It’s out of control.

And you’re going to see Biden tomorrow night. He’s going to step up. this is going to be your audience’s fault. The reason that this hit us is not that we were unprepared, not that we didn’t focus on therapeutics, not that we didn’t focus on target populations. The focus is on one thing.

The John Fredericks Radio Network audience. It’s The Deplorables. It’s The Unvaccinated. The Unvaccinated brought this upon us. They are going to put in huge restrictions. The German minister as we’ve talked now and shown the people for weeks and weeks and weeks on War Room, Austria and Germany is where we are going.

And the German Health Minister came out today and said they are going to have mandatory vaccinations. And you watch. The Biden administration is going to triple down on clearly a failed policy. They were totally caught unaware of that.

Their Vice President told us that in front of the nation. They had no idea this was coming and were totally unprepared. So you are seeing the regime and death rattle of a regime and the only thing that can save it is Mitch McConnell and these feckless Senate Republicans who approved 40 radical federal judges when we didn’t have to.

We should have said this to their judges. Hey here’s the answer. No, we’re not approving any of these guys. They’re too radical and too un-American and we’re not going to do it. Great victories. Great victories as we told you would happen if we put our shoulder to the wheel.

And so people just need to keep hunkering down because right now they are like a wounded animal. And you can see AOC, you’re going to see Omar and Pelosi strike out and they are going to try to do more radical stuff. And then watch what happens.

Everything that they lectured us about this virus comes home to roost on their watch and they are going to triple down on their failed policies.

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