Former Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) official John Gibbs launched a GOP primary challenge against incumbent Peter Meijer.

The former Trump administration staff member pledged to support “America First” policies, similar to those of former President Trump

“AMERICA FIRST, AMERICA ALWAYS. America is much more than just an idea, a creed, or a document. Rather America is her people, and our people are the consciousness of our culture, heritage, language, customs, and faith, which we share in continuity with our forefathers,” tweeted Gibbs shortly after announcing his campaign.

“The American people are precious, unique among the world, and have a fundamental right to exist. Yet for too long our government has put every kind of special interest ahead of what’s best for the American people.”

According to his campaign website, Gibbs, who is a Michigan native, will campaign on a host of key issues: border security, the economy, and education.

Meijer, who voted to impeach Trump, has faced backlash from the former president and members of his own party.

In a recent statement, Trump pledged his support to promising challengers against the Republican lawmakers who voted in support of impeachment.

Other former Trump officials have already expressed their support for Gibbs.

“John Gibbs is the type of person we need in Congress. He’s pragmatic, compassionate & firm in his beliefs which are driven by God & duty to country. John served under me for 4 years at HUD and was an outstanding leader who can get things done,” said former HUD secretary Ben Carson.

“A new rising star of the America First movement, John Gibbs, announces his candidacy to replace Trump-impeacher Rep Pete Meijer in Michigan. Check out John’s impeccable resume, his populist agenda, and love of country!” added Steve Cortes, a former adviser to Trump and Newsmax host.

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Photo “John Gibbs” by John Gibbs and photo “United States Department of Housing and Urban Development headquarters” by Kjetil Ree CC BY-SA 2.5.