Live from Music Row Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s  Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. – host Leahy welcomed political strategist Steve Bannon, who was the White House’s chief strategist during President Donald Trump’s administration, to the newsmaker line to discuss his new idea, announced on The War Room yesterday, regarding Trump being voted in as Speaker of the House.

Leahy: Broadcasting live from our studios on Music Row joined on our newsmaker line by my good friend Steve Bannon. Good morning, Steve.

Bannon: Good morning, Michael. Great to be on The Tennessee Star. Love your papers.

Leahy: Well, you’ve done such a good job with The War Room, Steve. You made some news yesterday, you’re always making news. By the way, Steve, first hired me at Breitbart, back in 2012, became the chief strategist at the White House back in 2017 and now runs The War Room.

You said yesterday that you think President Donald Trump should be named speaker, after the Republicans take over the House in November of 2022. Elaborate on that a little bit.

Bannon: Well, look, by the way, yesterday was the fifth anniversary of my taking over the campaign, the last couple of days, I was picked by Trump on the 13th and officially named on I think the 17th, 18th.

But here’s the point, is that this regime, the Biden regime, is so out of control doing such extensive damage to the country and Mike, you know about the Tea Party Revolt of 2010, when I think 62 seats, this is the type of sweep we are can have now, we can win 50, 55, seats in the House and take dominant control of this government, completely shut down anything the Biden administration wants to do.

And Donald Trump’s clearly going to be the nominee in 2024 and my strong recommendation is that this is going to be about the Trump program, and about the Trump program versus the Biden regime. Trump does not have to run for Congress, you do not have to be a member of Congress to be elected to the House.

And my recommendation is that we are going to win 50 to 60 seats and Trump is going to be engaged in this. Elect him to be Speaker, just for 100 days. He takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi and he gavels the House in. They sit down and panel an impeachment panel immediately, they move to impeach Biden in the first 100 days of the new Congress. Trump then steps down after the motion has been voted in the House and passed in the Senate, Trump steps down and announces he’s running in 2024.

I think it’s a serious program. I think people, in particular the Trump movement, will galvanize around this. And I think it has a lot of symbolic things that we need, optics. Number one, he takes the gavel from Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi’s been his biggest problem, right, but in particular the radical way she’s run the House while she’s been Speaker. So, I think this thing has a lot of logic to it, and I hope the president keeps an open mind. But right now we have to focus on, we have to be in opposition, we have to shut down this infrastructure bill next week. Nancy Pelosi’s calling everyone back, she has to be nervous about this. She does not want to be humiliated by having to hand the gavel to Donald Trump because that will be the one picture she’s remembered for forever. That’ll be the one thing that she’s remembered for, throughout history, that she’s the one who handed the gavel to Donald Trump.

I believe if we keep the pressure on this that you’ll see Nancy Pelosi actually step down this September, October, and go away and turn the Speaker of the House over to Hakeem Jeffries. So, I think if you put pressure on this aspect right now, it’s one way to force Nancy Pelosi out of the House. I think Nancy Pelosi’s called people back to pass this radical, by the way, if they pass this, and the Republicans don’t step up and try to stop them, this will change dramatically the balance sheet of the Federal Reserve and also make it very, very difficult for our kids to have economic prosperity, so there’s big fights ahead, coming. And I think that if you want to have a Tea Party sweep like in 2010, you’ve got to get Trump into the mix.

Leahy: We’re talking with Steve Bannon. Steve, here’s what I found interesting about your proposal. You made it yesterday, on The War Room, and this tells me that people are nervous about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi. The mainstream media has picked up your idea. It’s all over Yahoo News, it’s all over the news right now. I think this has got, your idea, your suggestion, that Trump become Speaker, in January of 2023, after a Republican sweep, I think there’s a lot of legs to that idea.

Bannon: Yeah, I think there is too. And here’s the reason, people now, and look, divine providence, having Biden steal this election, allowed us to see exactly what we’re up against. You know, there’s no more middle ground here, you know, this is a radical Marxist regime.

If we just look at the spending proposals they’ve got. This’ll dramatically change the country, and that’s why it’s got to be fought. If you look at from everything from the invasion on the southern border, to the radical nature of what they want to do with spending, to this complete debacle that’s in Afghanistan, and now you begin to see the amateurness nature of this administration.

You can’t get a straight story, you don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan, you don’t know how we’re going to get them out. Remember, those Americans, those 15,000 Americans, which they’re kind of admitting, because the Wall Street Journal, other people, are forcing them to admit, they’re essentially hostages. The only way we can get those people out is the tender mercies of the Taliban. So that’s where the greatest power in the history of the world is now; dependent upon a medieval regime to allow its citizens to come out. But at the same time, this radical regime in Washington, is bringing out Afghanis and taking them to the United States completely unvetted.

Now, I’m all for supporting our allies in Afghanistan, but there’s not one Afghani that should come out of the region. We have bases in Qatar, we have bases in Kuwait, we have bases in Iraq, we have bases all over the Middle East, and the Afghanis can go there until something is sorted out and it could take years. But to see the radical nature of this, the American people, remember, Biden’s imploded through 50% for the first time. More importantly, is the Consumer Confidence Index has had the greatest drop in, I think, 20 years, every leading indicator about his support is in freefall. And that’s before the polling over what’s happened in the last 72 hours.

Look, we have to take a look at the front page of the New York Post today, Miranda Devine who’s been on The War Room has a front page editorial, it has that picture, of this feckless old man with the little arms sitting in an empty room at Camp David, totally disengaged from a crisis, totally disengaged from a crisis that put American citizens in harm’s way. This is what a story, you know, elections have consequences, stolen elections have catastrophic consequences, and that’s where we’re going today.

And even to talk about the constitutional crisis that’s going to be upon us when you see the reports that are going to be issued in Arizona about 3 November. When you get to the bottom of Fulton County in Georgia on 3 November, when the subpoenas are issued in Pennsylvania about 3 November.

This administration is a complete, abject disaster and that’s why I think Donald Trump coming roaring back, being Speaker, just for 100 days. Donald Trump’s not running for Speaker and Donald Trump wouldn’t be Speaker more than 100 days, but to gavel in the new Congress, start the impeachment process on Biden and wait until the vote takes place in the House and then you hand the gavel back to McCarthy and then go run, you know, after 100 days, announce your candidacy for the presidency and get ready for a massive, landslide, sweep in 2024.

Leahy: Did you watch the bizarre, I can only call it press event, that Biden held yesterday? Not a word about Afghanistan, no questions taken, his big attack was not on the Taliban, it was on Tennessee parents who protested mask mandates last week. He threatened Republican governors with legal action, those who oppose mask mandates, meanwhile, Steve, he’s abandoned over 10,000 Americans behind the enemy lines in Afghanistan. How surreal was that?

Bannon: It’s shocking. The enemy are the parents of Tennessee school children. That’s where we are. I’m telling you, its the radical nature, but divine providence, that has allowed us to see this. So no Americans can be neutral about this anymore. You’ve seen exactly what these people are. The problem Joe Biden sees on the world stage is hardworking middle-class or working-class folks in Tennessee, who quite frankly have not been convinced because the evidence has not been put forward, about masks or even vaccines for school aged children. Yet, a dictate is going to come, is going to threaten them, potentially, you know, with jail time, for doing something with their kids without their consent. That’s what the enemy is.

The other press conference, they had the Secretary of Defense Austin and General Milley, was a clown show. That should make people even more disturbed. They don’t know what’s going on, they can’t tell you what the intelligence has told people, they can’t give a rationale for why they gave up Bagram Air Base, remember Bagram Air Base was one of the greatest air bases in the world, they didn’t even turn it over to the Afghanis, they did not turn it over to the Afghani military, security forces, or the Air Force.

They just left, like a one night stand, in the middle of the night, and allowed the Taliban and the looters to come in and take it. That air base would have been where we could have set up a perimeter and gotten people out, of all nationalities, and in giving that up they’ve allowed us to be really caught with the perimeter by the Taliban in Kabul itself.

The incompetence here, and I say almost a malevolence, is incredible and that’s why I think we could have a 50 seat sweep in the House, and you’re seeing that already. You’re seeing the retirements, and the next retirement, should we continue to press this idea, it would be Nancy Pelosi herself. She’s going to cut and run like Paul Ryan did in ‘18. I believe she’s going to retire and step down, after she tries to jam through these radical plans. And what people in Tennessee should be looking at right now, and this I’d give a hat tip to Bill Haggarty, who was our executive director, you remember the transition as the ambassador to Japan, you know, Senator Haggarty stood up and tried to slow down this train, and at least go through the bill and see what’s in there, and every Republican right now should be stepping up to the plate to slow this thing down.

You know, Marjorie Taylor Greene’s issue, people think, “Hey, she’s a wild woman.” I’ll tell you, she’s the one person there that’s trying to chop block this to at least buy time so that the American people can see what’s in the bill. The radical nature of this spending and what you’re doing to the balance sheet, to the Federal Reserve and how they’re just printing money.

You know this 50th anniversary, this week is the 50th anniversary of Nixon taking us off the gold standard. Everybody in your audience should understand the dollar has lost 87% of it’s value since that day and if they pass these bills, the dollar is going to get crushed. It’s going to be, our economic future is going to be incredibly uncertain. His numbers right now on the economy are a total and complete disaster. The polling on his handling of geopolitics is going to come in in the next couple of weeks and it’s going to be a disaster. There’s no floor to Biden. This is implosion. And remember, the people that benefit from this are those devils in Beijing who are sitting there right now and seeing the feckless, hapless nature of this old man, and they’ve got their eyes on Taiwan and Taiwan is going to…

Leahy: Absolutely, they were engaged in military exercises like, yesterday, near Taiwan. You saw that?

Bannon: Yes. So as a young man I was in a naval unit in the South China Sea and around Taiwan but I will tell you, leave aside the moral imperative, defending an ally for democracy and freedom, the practical reality is, Taiwan is Silicon Valley West. Silicon Valley West, all advanced chip design for the United States economy, the American economy, comes from Taiwan. We have no choice, if you want to have an advanced American economy, unfortunately, we are inextricably linked to the chip manufacturing and design in Taiwan. We have to defend that.

Leahy: Steve Bannon, my very good friend, mentor, former boss, fellow American patriot. Steve Bannon, thanks so much. On The War Room later today. Thanks so much for joining us today, Steve, come back again, please.

That is Steve Bannon.

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