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Commentary: Fact-Checking Merrick Garland’s ‘Fair’ DOJ

Sep 23, 20239 min read
It might go down as the whopper of the year. During his opening statement to the House Judiciary committee on Wednesday morning, Attorney General Merrick Garland attempted to head off expected criticism from Republicans by insisting his Department of Justice is blind to politics. “[We] apply the same laws to everyone. There is not one set of laws for the powerful and one for the powerless. One for the rich and another for the poor. One for Democrats and another one for Republicans. The law will treat each of us alike.”

Commentary: More Evidence That U.S. Intelligence Analysis Is Broken and Politicized

Sep 23, 20237 min read
Last week, American Greatness reporter Debra Heine reported a bombshell story that a “highly credible” CIA whistleblower has told the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that the CIA “bribed” six of its analysts with significant financial incentives to change their initial conclusion that the COVID-19 pandemic originated from a biolab leak in Wuhan, China and to instead conclude that the virus emerged naturally.

Commentary: Bill Will Keep Wisconsin’s Power Grid in State’s Hands and Out of the Control of Federal Regulators or Out-of-State Developers

Sep 22, 20234 min read
Today, I introduced legislation to retain Wisconsin control over the safety and reliability of our state’s power grid instead of ceding that control to federal regulators and opportunistic out-of-state developers. This bill, known as Right of First Refusal, prevents fragmentation of the state’s transmission grid and retains the regulation and operation of the grid in Wisconsin.

Commentary: Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border

Sep 22, 20236 min read
Since early 2021 we have witnessed somewhere between 7 and 8 million illegal entries across the now nonexistent U.S. southern border. The more the border vanished, the more federal immigration law was rendered inert, and the more Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas spun fantasies that the “border is secure.” He is now written off as a veritable “Baghdad Bob” propagandist.

Commentary: The Left’s FISA Reform Trap

Sep 22, 20236 min read
Republicans have had a crash course since 2016 in the ways the power of the intelligence community can be abused. To take a few examples, four consecutive judges operating under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act approved wiretaps of a Trump adviser, Carter Page, relying without question on the partisan fictions of the Steele dossier. Michael Flynn was ousted after he was the target of an unprecedented leak of another FISA intercept. And 51 former intelligence officers intervened in the 2020 election to dismiss without evidence the Hunter Biden laptop contents as likely Russian disinformation.

Commentary: American Public Says Biden Is Not the Leader America Needs to Fix the Country

Sep 21, 20235 min read
A giant new poll delving deep into the public’s views on President Biden, Former President Trump, the U.S. economy and their own economic situation reveals a people deeply unhappy with the direction of the country under President Biden.  First, the latest CBS News/YouGov poll shows Trump beating Biden by one point 50% to 49%. While that’s well within the margin of error, other recent polls have shown Trump beating Biden by as many as six percentage points in the past three weeks. Whatever the metric, Trump is polling significantly better now than he was at any time in 2020, and that has Democrats worried.   

Commentary: Joe Biden’s Email Alias Escorted Phone Numbers of Top U.S. Officials to Hunter Biden

Sep 21, 20237 min read
Authenticated documents from Hunter Biden’s laptop reveal that Joe Biden had several email aliases, such as: Peter Henderson: [email protected] Robin Ware: [email protected] Robert L. Peters: [email protected]

Senate Confirms C.Q. Brown as Next Joint Chiefs Chairman

Sep 20, 20232 min read
The Senate on Wednesday confirmed the nomination of Air Force Gen. C.Q. Brown to chief as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Commentary: Thank God for the Principled Senator Tuberville

Sep 20, 20234 min read
These days, Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama is an endangered species in official Washington. That’s not because political hacks – in uniform and out – are taking every imaginable cheap shot at him, including that he is “endangering our national security” by holding up the promotions of some 300 officers.

Commentary: The Hidden Agenda Behind Lockdowns

Sep 20, 20239 min read
You can call it a “road diet,” or “15 days to stop the spread,” or a “fifteen minute city,” or a “smart city,” a “central bank digital currency,” or just an EV that comes with a virtual leash attached in the form of limited range and limited recharging options.

Commentary: Voter Registration Charities Is a Massive, Overlooked Scandal

Sep 20, 20234 min read
“Nonprofit voter registration” doesn’t sound interesting. Yet nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time.

Paul Sperry Commentary: Did Hunter Biden Lie to His Own Memoir?

Sep 20, 202311 min read
In a raft of glowing reviews, Hunter Biden’s 2019 memoir “Beautiful Things” was celebrated as an “unflinchingly honest” (Entertainment Weekly), “confession and an act of contrition” (Guardian), that was “candid” and “doesn’t hold back details” (New York Times) of his substance abuse and broken relationships.   While describing the book as an “unvarnished confessional,” the Washington Post exalted it as a “harrowing, relentless and a determined exercise in trying to seize his own narrative from the clutches of the Republicans and the press. 

Commentary: Voter Registration ‘Charities’ Are a Massive, Overlooked Scandal

Sep 19, 20234 min read
“Nonprofit voter registration” doesn’t sound interesting. Yet nonprofit voter registration, or the use of tax-exempt charitable organizations to conduct and fund voter registration drives, is one of the most important and underreported political scandals of our time. Nonprofit voter registration, and the get-out-the-vote (GOTV) activities that usually accompany it, have become the heart of a billion-dollar industry in America. According to Candid’s Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy database, since 2011 nearly 60,000 grants have been made for “Voter Education, Registration, and Turnout” and “Civic Participation,” benefitting 15,000 different organizations to the tune of $5.9 billion dollars.

Commentary: Congress Should Deny Greedy Trial Lawyers’ Efforts to Diminish Arbitration

Sep 19, 20233 min read
While the court litigation process has successfully resolved countless cases for decades, the reality is that it can cost an arm and a leg to do so. This has prompted disputing parties here in Middle Tennessee to instead turn to arbitration to assist them in working out reasonable agreements. This system has benefited all parties, saving countless workers and businesses both time and money.

Commentary: Alzheimer’s Disease Is Partly Genetic − Studying the Genes That Delay Decline in Some May Lead to Treatments for All

Sep 19, 20237 min read
Diseases that run in families usually have genetic causes. Some are genetic mutations that directly cause the disease if inherited. Others are risk genes that affect the body in a way that increases the chance someone will develop the disease. In Alzheimer’s disease, genetic mutations in any of three specific genes can cause the disease, and other risk genes either increase or decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.